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About Me

Hello folks, I'm Archies

I am a guy who loves New-Gen. hip-hop music as well as sci-fi/conspiracy things and theories,  I'm from Mumbai,India and nowadays i'm studying in second year of high school from Mumbai University.

There's nothing much to talk bout' me, just an ordinary person who loves Bikes, Music and Food. I've created this blog just to do something unique from others(friends) and i guess i'm succeeded. I never thought that i'll be continuing this blog but eventually i added this blog into my favorite hobbies list.

As i said i love sci-fi/conspiracy theories, so i do believe in Aliens. I mean why do you think that we're alone? Bro we have 100 Billion galaxies and in one galaxy there are no less than 400 Billion planets, do you still think that our grain size Earth is alone in this trillions of big planets?

Yes, I do believe in Law of Attraction too. Actually i meditate daily to gain more knowledge about this universe, our society, nature etc. I'm meditating to open my Pineal Gland, it may sound abnormal but trust me its really interesting.

Hope you know something about me now xD
So don't leave this site and allow that pop-up window to show you my upcoming articles instantly when i upload it. That's all, hope you'll have a very positive and good day.