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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Mario Judah Is A Clout Chaser? || Story of his WLR || Uzi and Trippie featuring with Mario Judah || Mario Judah Facts on Dream Machine

: : Intro

Mario Diamond-Judah Douglas better known by his stage name Mario Judah born in 1999, Atlanta, Georgia. Mario Judah is a rock musician and he started making beats when he was 17 after three years into the game, he dropped his first single “Crush” on 19th June 2020. Mario’s second single “Die Very Rough” was released on 24th Sep 2020 and it blew up and changed his career. Mario later fell into the whole PlayboiCarti/WLR thing, as a stan he wanted Playboi Carti to drop his sophomore and the most anticipated album “Whole Lotta Red”. Carti didn’t respond to it at all, Mario took it to the whole new level by threatening Carti to drop WLR or I’ll drop my own version of WLR. Mario rode the wave of Carti and started getting attention and dropped the first single off his WLR called “Bih Yah” on 6th Dec 2020 and people went nuts and that song got 1.4 million views within 24 hours of its release. Now the question arises, Is Mario Judah a stan of Playboi Carti or he’s doing this all for clout and a bag? Well, we gonna discuss it further in this article, let’s jump right into Mario Judah’s life, his process of making “Die Very Rough” as well as riding the wave of Playboi Carti’s WLR album. Moreover, we gonna talk about Lil Uzi Vert featuring in Mario Judah's Die Very Rough Remix and Mario's collaboration with Trippie Redd.


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L Quick Facts (Please Read Full Article, If Possible.)

>> He started producing beats when he was 17 and dropped his first song when he was 21.

>> Firstly, Mario was a fan of WLR but later on Instagram, he criticized WLR badly.

>> Mario Judah may feature in Trippie Redd’s "Neon Shark" album.

>> Lil Uzi Vert in Mario Judah’s Die Very Rough Remix is coming soon.

>> Mario Judah’s single “Bih Yah” has crossed 5.2 million views on YouTube and his second single “Die Very Rough” has crossed 13 million views.

: : Is Mario Judah Really a Stan of Carti or He Is a Clout Chaser?

Many of Playboi Carti’s fan appreciating Mario Judah’s work, in fact, some of them really want Mario to drop the full version of his WLR but there is collateral damage too, riding Playboi Carti’s wave seems a bit controversial and unethical according to many fans.

Credits: Rapspotlights

Well, believe it or not, Mario Judah is a genius in terms of marketing. He got a bag just by uploading a single on his YouTube channel. He took advantage of Playboi Carti’s wave and he knew Carti isn’t going to drop the album soon so he took a stand as a leader of many fans and urged Carti to drop the tape. As expected Carti ignored him and Mario dropped the single and earned a bag out of it.

A couple of days later the single “Bih Yah” got removed due to copyright issues and an artist called Fredo J stated that “I paid Mario for the beat and he used the sample and I took it down” on the contrary Mario’s sister defended him by saying “The reality is totally different, in fact, Fredo owes him money, Fredo didn’t pay for his beats and used them for free” whole conversation is explained in the given YouTube video at 7:50.

Days passed and the day finally came, Playboi Carti dropped his most anticipated sophomore album Whole Lotta Red. Everyone was waiting for Mario Judah’s reaction and he literally reacted on the album by simply putting a small red dot that indicates we as a fan expected WHOLE LOTTA RED but it is simply a DOT. Furthermore, in his Instagram live session, he talks about Whole Lotta Red and said the album is TRASH.

Now do let me know in the comment section what y’all think about Mario Judah, is he really a fan of him or he is just a clout chaser and who rode Carti’s wave and ran with a bag? 

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: : The Cooking of Whole Lotta Red __Playboi Judah


Playboi Carti’s long-anticipated sophomore album Whole Lotta Red didn’t drop for like two years and he was teasing about it for a long time. Days and months passed yet Carti failed to drop the album, fans went nuts and they literally started showing their aggression/love for Carti by adding graffiti on the vandalized shops during the Black Lives Matter movement.

In addition, the big bear, the big dawg Mario Judah took a stand by forcing Carti to drop the album, or else he will release his own version of Whole Lotta Red. His message turned into a meme and he went viral overnight. Yet, Carti didn’t drop and Mario threw his first single “Bih Yah” and this song earned over 1.4 million views on YouTube within 24 hours. Later the song got taken down due to copyright issues which were placed by his old client/friend who earlier bought the beats from Mario Judah. The copyright claimed because of payment issues and in retaliation, Fredo J put a copyright claim, later in a couple of days the video was online again and it has now crossed over 5.2 million views at the time of publishing this article.

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#Fun_Fact : Mario Judah used to comment on Playboi Carti’s post just like an ordinary fan, one day he thought “What could possibly be done to get this man to drop his album? We all want it. We all love it.”


Mario again warned Carti after releasing his first single, he asked Carti to drop on 11th December but Carti ignored him again and Mario dropped part one of his Whole Lotta Red. Part one Whole Lotta Red has 4 tracks with over 1 million plays on each.  

: : Story Behind Where The Fuck Is Mario Judah Tag & When Did Mario Judah Start Making Music?

Firstly, let’s talk about how Mario entered into producing beats later on we’ll take a look at the story behind Where The Fuck Is Mario Judah Tag.  During his teenage, Mario was an outsider as well as a horrendous kid in the class and we got into trouble many times, due to which his father admitted him into an army school.  “It was damn-near like jail. It was a bad experience, but also a good experience because I learned from it. I grew from it and I became a better man.” _Said, Mario.

After graduating from military school, Mario started to produce beats on FL Studio and the first beat he made took him 18 hours, at that time he was 17 and now he’s 21. Moreover, in January 2020 he started to make hooks and write songs for other artists but it didn’t work too. Later, on October 10th he dropped his first single called “Crush” and on September 24th he dropped another single “DieVery Rough” which was originally written for somebody else to use as a hook but he dropped it and it gained a lot of attention. Artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd appreciated him and Lil Uzi Vert will be featuring on Die Very Rough Remix, as Mario tweeted “If this gets 5,000 retweets…I’ll put @LILUZIVERT on the remix of Die Very Rough” the retweet limit has reached and we may see the remix soon.

#Fun_Fact : After dropping Die Very Rough, Mario Judah stated in one of his interviews that he’s about to go to Trippie Redd’s house after this. This basically means Mario may have a spot or produced a beat in Trippie Redd’s upcoming rock album Neon Shark.

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Now, let’s talk about the story behind Mario Judah’s “Where The Fuck Is Mario Judah” tag. Initially, Mario had another tag which is “Judah, Judah, Judah” but later he realized this ain’t enough so he wanted to make something catchy and attractive. One day he was recording in the studio and he was babbling for his new tag and accidentally said “Where The Fuck Is Mario Judah” and it stuck into his head and he changed the pitch and added dark vocals to it. 

If you’ve liked the article then please comment your thoughts below. It kinda keeps me motivated to write such interesting articles. Thank you. 





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