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Friday, 7 June 2019

June 07, 2019

Interesting and Unknown Facts of NAV || NAV's Relation With Uzi, Metro & Weeknd || NAV's Net Worth, Jewellery and Controversies || Dream Machine

: : Intro

If you’re in a hurry you can read the Quick Facts which are present right below the INTRO section (Me: But you ganna miss a lot of interesting stuff; Me Inside: Please don’t skip it L ). Navraj Singh Goraya better is known by his stage name “NAV” born on November 3rd, 1989 in Rexdale, Toronto. His parents are from Punjab, India, NAV’s father worked as a forklift driver in Ontario and his mother worked as a computer engineer. NAV started his career as a music producer, NAV gained recognition by many songs like “Myself”, “Wanted You ft. Lil Uzi Vert”, “Some Way ft. The Weeknd” and “BeibsIn The Trap By Travis Scott”. He also worked with other artists like Drake, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, and many more.

Let’s dive into NAV’s life and will search for NAV’s interesting facts. Well, NAV usually doesn’t give interviews, he likes to be with himself and his studio/songs and this article took a lot of days of research so please don't forget to share and comment on it. Let’s see how he met all these legit artists like Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, Lil Uzi Vert. And will look into NAV’s Net Worth, History and Controversies.

L Quick Facts (Please Read Full Article, If Possible.)

>> NAV’s real name is Navraj Singh Goraya and he started making beats by the name Beats By Nav.

>> NAV used to sell beats for $20.

>> NAV used to make beats in his mom's basement.

>> NAV was poor in his academics and he wasted one year extra to complete his graduation.

>> NAV faced too many hate comments after using the word “NIGGA” in his songs.

>> NAV and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Wanted You” was made in a parking lot in 20 minutes only.

>> NAV’s current net worth is over $6 Million USD.

: : How NAV Entered Into Hip Hop

>> NAV’s uncle was a famous singer in India because of his uncle NAV started going to the studio with him. NAV’s mother gifted him a Boom Box when he was in 3rd grade and he used to listen to Indian music all day. When NAV turned 16, he started making beats, and his friends used to freestyle on NAV’s beats. NAV later started working with local rappers and gained some recognition in his hood.

>> NAV officially started making beats in 2010, back then he was not a rapper, he was just a music producer. NAV used to sell his beats for $20 in his initial days to underground SoundCloud rappers and Ugly God was one them to claim it at $20 but now NAV is making beats for $5000 to $10,000.

#Fun_Fact:- NAV made a beat for Drake and he was not sure about the song that it is really gonna release or not, but it released a few months later and NAV heard it on the radio. This was the first DISS TRACK to be nominated for the Grammy.

>>NAV started rapping in 2015, he dropped his first song on SoundCloud in 2015 which is “Take Me Simple”.  He soon started working days and nights to get his name into Billboards Chart, in 2017 NAV debuted his project named “NAV”.

>> After dropping tons of music NAV was waiting for the moment where he’ll get signed by a good record label. As the stars were aligning for NAV, he got a call from The Weeknd’s XO Record Label. NAV is now managed by “Cash aka Amir Esmailian” who is a member of XO crew.

#Fun_Fact:- NAV’s likes playing games with his manager Cashxo and Lil Uzi Vert. His favorite games are WWE, FIFA, Fortnight, NBA (+1 fact, NBA officially made NAV’s character in their game) and NFS. NAV likes playing on PC and he thinks that his real competitor is Marshmello.

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: : Meaning Behind His Stage Name “NAV” & His Academic History

>>As you’ve read already so you know that the real name of NAV is Navraj Singh Goraya, his mother chose this name because Navam means “New” and Raj means “King” and if we combine them, then it means “The New King”.  

Initially, NAV started making beats by the name “Beats By NAV” and as he became the rapper in 2015, he shortened his name as NAV. 

#Fun_Fact:- NAV initially started making beats with “SONY’s ACID Pro” software, later he moved on to “LOIC PRO X”.

>> NAV went to West Humber Junior Middle High School. NAV was subjected to mild bullying like most non-white kids in school. He was not so good academically. However, he was turning into a good music producer.
IMG:- navvlone
>>NAV’s friend circle (of 8 people) was too bad in academics, his all friends are dropped out but NAV managed to graduate the school. NAV was also one of them who failed in the second academic year, but NAV continued the studies and cleared his way to graduation.
#Fun_Fact:- The office is the all-time favorite show of NAV.

: : NAV Into Controversies
>> Fake Songs:- NAV was the SoundCloud rapper in his initial days, he built his loyal fanbase from SoundCloud. Besides SoundCloud, random people used to upload his music from anonymous YouTube channels and used to give title as “Unreleased Post Malone Song- Myself”.
The song blew up and the song reached out to Post Malone, People were sliding into Posty’s DMs and Posty literally had to post this Tweet.

#Fun_Fact:- Kylie Jenner lip-synced the song “Myself” in her Snapchat story and the song gained 300% attention than the average growth. I was one of her Snapchat followers and I also started listening to NAV from that day.
>> BEEF With XXL Magazine:
Just like Lil Skies, NAV also declined to show up on XXL Freshman List. NAV gives feedback to XXL by calling their magazine “Trash”.  Also, he shares his thoughts to motivate the new gen hip hop artists.

>> NAV used “NIGGA” In His Music
NAV used the word NIGGA three times in his album “Perfect Timing”, he got too much backlash for saying that word, and now NAV said that he’s done with that word and won’t be saying it again. NAV explains the whole controversy to Complex in his interview.

Well, it’s like, the neighborhood I grew up in is very multicultural. It goes from Chinese to white to black to Jamaican, everything, right? Everybody uses that word freely. A Chinese guy is saying it to me, I’m saying it to a black guy, a black guy’s saying it to me. It’s all like that. I was making music for me and my friends in the beginning. So I didn’t really think anything of it. But then once I got to the global level and I started seeing a little bit of backlash, I totally cut it out. I respect it. In my neighborhood it’s cool, but out here it’s not cool. So I just play by the rules. [On Perfect Timing], you won’t hear me say it once.

>> NAV And Lil Uzi Vert’s Retirement:
When Lil Uzi Vert was having trouble to release his most awaited album “Eternal Atake”, Uzi decided to retire from music, to support him NAV also retired and after few months Dj Drama tweeted that Lil Uzi Vert free to release his album any time.

#Fun_Fact:- NAV’s tweet “Since me and @liluzivert quit music I've been teaching him how to play fortnite He's getting really good at it.”

But it was not that easy, Uzi still having trouble with his record label. NAV’s number 1 album Bad Habits’ song “Habits” don’t have Uzi’s verse on it, he later explained it on his Instagram. 
: : NAV’s Net Worth And Jewellery
>> After releasing his album “Bad Habits” and doing a lot of tours worldwide; NAV’s current net worth is over $6 Million USD. NAV has a “Lamborghini Urus” wrapped in bottle green color and has one Mercedes Benz.

#Fun_Fact:- "I handed in the album like an assignment," talking about his album “Reckless”." I was literally in a reckless part of my life. I cared about money, I cared about girls, I cared about all the wrong things and not about the music."

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>> NAV and Metro Boomin’s collaborative mixtape “Perfect Timing” debuted at number 13 on Billboard 200 and to celebrate the success of the project they made a diamond ring for Metro, NAV, and Uzi. The the ring has “Perfect Timing” embedded on it and on the other side “XO” the record label name is there.
>> NAV has XO chain which represents he is the part of “XO Crew”. The chain was gifted by The Weeknd when he signed the contract with XO Records.

#Fun_Fact:- NAV is a big sneakerhead and he loves wearing Nike’s Airmax shoes, I’ve never seen NAV flexing on Jordans or Yeezys on his Instagram. His all-time favorite sneakers are Nike Airmax 97.

>> NAV’s “Devil Emoji Pendant” is one of his favorite chains, the Devil Emoji is made out of 24K diamonds and has tennis chain with it. NAV also has 3 bust down Rollies and one watch full of baguette diamonds.

If you’ve read till this then please comment your thoughts below or type “Dream Team”. It kinda keeps me motivated to write such interesting articles. Thank you. 

: : Relationship With Uzi, Metro, Weeknd and Meek Mill

>>If you follow NAV and Uzi from the beginning then you obviously know how good friend they are. If not then don’t worry I’m here to help ya out. NAV said this in one of his interviews that, our relationship isn't corny, you know? It's very organic. We met very early in our career. And we don't even really talk to each other like musicians. We talk to each other like friends. We hang out. We don't talk about doing music. We don't even talk about the studio. If it happens, it happens. We'll turn the mic on and it just happens. But we don't book studio a together. Our relationship is very unique. It's different from everybody else that I have relationships with.

#Fun_Fact: The song “Wanted You ft. Lil Uzi Vert” was made in 20 minutes. NAV came out of hotel room and Uzi was waiting for him in the parking lot, they sat in the car and started having a chat and they literally made this song in no time. The whole song was written in a parking lot and the song is now Platinum Certified.

>>Metro and NAV had a face time and then they met in the studio where they decided to make a project together and that’s how “Perfect Timing” album came. NAV also said that the “Perfect Timing 2” is coming but they haven’t started to work on it.

>>The Weeknd is also a very good friend of NAV they (NAV, Uzi, Weeknd & whole XO crew) play basketball together. Weeknd was fully engaged with NAV’s album “Bad Habits”, he was literally spotting the mistakes like typos and color corrections, even me and cash didn’t even noticed all those things we just looked it and approved it, said NAV.

The song “Price On My Head ft. TheWeeknd” was actually made by 88Glam (Duo signed to XO records). The melody of the song was written by Derek Wise, Weeknd took that melody and put his own words. Later NAV comes for the last verse of the song.
#Fun_Facts: NAV performed first time on stage in O2 Arena in London in front of 20,000 people, it was The Weeknd's tour and NAV had to open it. There was a person from the audience who asked his friend who’s that guy? And NAV heard it and looked into his eyes, NAV was so nervous that he started looking at the sky for real.

>>Meek Mill was the guy who used to post NAV’s lines on Instagram and NAV was not even popping at that time. Even Meek Mill didn’t know that the NAV already produced a song with Drake.

#Fun_Fact: NAV in his interview with Complex. { The line from song TAP, "The first time I've seen a Maybach was with cuz," referring to Meek. That's a fact because when I and Bucks went to Atlanta for the first time, we were kind of just out there figuring it out and we hadn't got a car. He's good friends with Meek, so we went to Meek's house. He let us in his house and everything. We were chilling. We needed a car and he gave us his Maybach, and I've never been to a Maybach. He gave us the Maybach and he said, "We can't find the keys. The key's been lost for weeks in the car. But you could just press start and it'll work." That line is a fact. And "the first one to show me love" is really back when I was coming up before Cash (his manager) had even met me. }

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