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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

April 09, 2019

Most Expensive Alcohols In The World || Million Dollar Vodka And Tequila || Dream Machine

$$ Legacy - Angostura $25,000

The rum mixture called legacy by Angostura was specially crafted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago independence with only 20 bottles produced. It has enough of a rare factor to justify the 25 grand price point but wait each bottle of rum comes in a case and crystal decanter that was designed specifically by Angostura of London. This is the same company that designs jewelry for Prince Charles.

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$$ 1811 Chateau D'yquem $ 130,000

Chateau D'Yquem, a wine producer in the Bordeaux region of France has been in the business of making wines for over 300 years, with their first bottle being sealed in 1711. 100 years later in 1811 they finally managed to create one of the incredibly few bottles of wine, they made the perfect wine that mark was given by wine critic a Robert Parker who sampled it in 1999. 

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$$ Penfolds Ampoule $170,000

The wine comes with a modern wooden piece case designed by furniture craftsman Andrew Bartlett with only 12 bottles of this wine ever produced. You can be the owner of one of the finest wines money can buy. The thing is the company policy states that a company representative needs to be around when the bottle is opened to assure perfect conditions.

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$$ Bombay Sapphire Revelation $200,000

Kim Rashid inspired by Bombay Sapphire collaborated along two more leading names in the world of luxury in design Gerard and Baccarat, in order to create the revelation crystal bottles priced at $200,000 each truly unique with its own individually designed stopper decorated with sapphires and diamonds set by the oldest jewelry house in the world Gerard, well known across the entire world by its striking translucent blue bottle. Bombay Sapphire has won the world's finest glass creations for the last 20 years, all of the profits from the selling of Revelation will benefit the travel retail industries chosen charity, the Smile Train which provides life enhancing cleft surgery to children in poor countries.
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$$ Armand De Brignac Midas $215,000

Also known as “Ace of Spades”, this is probably the most popular champagne featured in this ranking for $215,000. You get a thirty litre bottle of the finest champagne in a gold-plated bottle. This was jay-z's favorite champagne brand, so he bought the company a couple of years ago.

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$$ Dalmore 62 $215,000

Only 12 bottles of Dalmore 62 were ever produced. A recent transaction involving the drink came from an anonymous man who purchased a bottle at the Changi Airport in Singapore. If there is any place in the world where you can actually pick up a $215K of whiskey; that place is Singapore.
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$$ The Macallan 64 Year-Old in Lalique Cire Perdue $460,000

To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Renea Teague, the founder of the world's foremost crystal artisans they combined the creativity and craftsmanship of the Macallan and Lalique using the lost wax procedure to create a truly unique one-off piece of art. The 1.5 liter decanter was auctioned in a cooperation with soft fees on the 15th of November in 2010 in new york and sold for $460K, making it the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world.
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$$ Diva Vodka $ 1,000,000

This expensive vodka is first iced filtered then goes through nordic birch charcoal for purification then filtered through sand that contains both precious and semi-precious gems, just because finally each bottle of diva vodka contains a removable glass tube column filled with 48 brilliant-cut gems and crystals running down the core as garnishment and decoration that can be customized to your choice. The owner also picks the colors of the gems, so each bottle is uniquely designed for them.

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$$ Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne $2,000,000

This bottle is covered in 24 karat yellow gold sterling platinum and 6,500 brilliant cut diamonds. Designed by the famous jeweler Jose Duvall, the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage is also dubbed as the DNA of cognacs. This liquor has been produced since 1776 is aged in barrels for more than 100 years and has an alcohol content of 41%; it tastes like heaven.

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$$ Tequila Lay .925 $3,500,000

Engraved by a Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza, this tequila is made from pure sap of the blue agave plant that has been fermented distilled and aged for 6 years. It is the most expensive bottle of tequila out there only 33 bottles were ever produced and it currently ranks the world's most expensive alcoholic beverage. The tequila contained in these bottles is a blend of 10 year old and 5 year old tequilas. The bottle matches the one of the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage, ranked number two on this list also featuring 6,500 and platinum mixed with gold.

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Monday, 8 April 2019

April 08, 2019

Most Expensive Sneakers in The World || Million Dollar Monkey Sneakers || Michael Jordans || Dream Machine

$$ Nike Air Mags $37,500

The iconic futuristic Nike Air Mags that are worn by Michael J Fox, is character Marty McFly in the 1980s classic “Back To The Future Part Two”, an exact replica of the crazy shoes shown in the film complete with an electroluminescent sole, a 30,000 hour rechargeable battery and the iconic self-tying laces. The Air Mags were released in a batch of only 1500 pairs. The first pair of the batch were auctioned off on behalf of Michael J Fox as Parkinson's disease charity. They were purchased for  $37,500 by British rapper Tinie Tempah.

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$$ Nike Air Force One $50,000

Sneakers that were made specially for American Big Boi of Outkast Fame, if you aren't familiar with Big Boi as an artist all you need to know is that when it comes to fashion and bling the Big Boi never holds back and this was certainly the case when he became the recipient of a pair of special Nike Air Force Ones.
It has small matter of 11 carats worth of diamonds and a healthy helping of gold as well the inclusion of the precious metals and gemstones; took the value of the Air Force Ones to a whopping $50,000.

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$$ Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Grammy Prototype” $50,000

The first mention of one of the most recent widely successful superstar sneaker collaborations in recent years Yeezy otherwise known as Kanye West, this particular pair are the same shoes the rapper wore at the 2008 Grammy Awards which were coincidentally the same that were also used to announce the now iconic partnership with Nike. Different varieties of our Yeezys have gained huge popularity in recent years to become some of the most valuable shoes on the planet and though these Grammy prototypes were originally listed for $75,000 you can now pick them up for $50,000.

IMG By:- footwearnews
$$ Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1 $60,000

It's safe to say that hundreds of different Nike Air Jordans are worth thousands of dollars simply due to the name of the iconic basketball legend that they carry, but when you take in the consideration of the presence of an actual autograph by the culture unifying superstar you can sit back and watch the value shoot into the sky. This particular pair just so happened to be personally scribbled on by the great man himself taking their value from a couple hundred dollars to an eye-watering sixty thousand dollars; they imagine having a name and identity that commands that much of a jump in rarity and worth.
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$$ Drake's Air Jordan 12s $77,000

Canadian rapper Drake is one of the most fashion-forward figures in today's hip-hop industry and when he signed on with the Air Jordan brand he was presented with a special pair of Air Jordan 12s, that in an act of random kindness he ended up gifting to a woman at a Toronto Raptors game. The women put her sneakers from Drake on sale and made an amazing $77,000 now that's what we call getting bang for your buck. Interestingly at the same game Drake also gifted a pair of Air Jordan 10s, which only made $15,000 when sold.

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$$ Michael Jordan's “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12s $104,765

this pair of Air Jordan 12s that were born by Michael Jordan himself during his infamous flu game this game was the 1997 Finals against Utah Jazz, when despite suffering from a severe flu Jordan managed to score 38 points and secured his beloved Chicago Bulls a historic victory. Clearly ailing during the game Jordan was fed some applesauce by a young ball boy in an attempt to make him feel better and as a thank you, the NBA star gifted him his match sneakers. Almost two decades after that fateful day the now adult ball boy sold those special shoes for a staggering $104,765, that's not bad at all for a small bowl of applesauce.

IMG By:- Alux

$$ Michael Jordan's Gold Medal-Winning Converse $190,373

 These shoes were sold June of 2017 again these were worn by Michael Jordan. This time in the game against Spain in the playoffs for the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, unlike the other Jordan sneakers that appear on this list, this pair are actually converse and are the last pair of Converse sneakers Jordan wore in an official game which was also Jordan’s final game. As an amateur following the 96 to 65 win by the USA in which Jordan scored 20 points; he turned professional and signed the now-famous deal with Nike the converse shoes are autographed by Jordan.

IMG By:- sneakerfiles
$$ Nike Air Mags with Power Laces $200,000

We’ve already seen a pair of Nike Air Mags as seen in “Back to The Future” earlier on this list but that price of $37,500 was easily beaten by the price paid in three special options in 2016. The production run was 489 pairs only and were to raise money for the Michael J Fox foundation, most pairs were raffled off with a ticket price of $10 but the three pairs that went to auction raised amazing sums. The first pair reached $140,267 in Hong Kong, the second pair went under the hammer in London for $56,000 but the final pair beat them all reaching $200,000 in New York's auction

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$$ The Fire Monkey Sneakers $4,000,000

Named “The Fire Monkey” in celebration of the Chinese New Year these sneakers for a 2016 collaboration between designer Dan Gamache of mash custom kicks and New York lifestyle label. They were designed specifically to raise funds at auction for soles for Souls an organization that aims to combat poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing. The sneakers are a custom riff on a leaning way of weight for silhouette and has a solid gold souvenir tag embossed with the logos of the two companies hanging from the laces, which have Aglets dipped in diamonds. The upper of the sneaker bares a blue white and gold Daisy pattern studded with chips of diamonds and sapphires set in 18-karat white gold.

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$$ Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” $17,000,000

The story goes that when Kanye West was promoting his latest record, he wanted the perfect pair of sneakers thus the Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers were developed with Nike and as you might expect when the shoes were released they sold out almost immediately, however one historic pair did find their way onto eBay in the sell out aftermath and in record-breaking fashion. The bidding war escalated to a final price of 17 million dollars, due to the nature of eBay there's no way to confirm whether whoever bid the gargantuan amount for the sneakers actually came through with the cash but nevertheless officially that pair of Air Yeezy 2 red Octobers go down in history as the most expensive sneakers ever.

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April 08, 2019

The Most Expensive Yachts in The World with Bullet Proof Glasses, Special Defense Missile and Submarines || Billion Dollar Yachts || Dream Machine

$$ Project Mars $161,800,000

 the project Mars luxury yacht is 295 feet long with amazing features fit for a billionaire, this incredible ultra-modern yacht has an enclosed garden, full bar onyx, fireplace, glass bridge, formal dining room, VIP cabin, children's quarters, guest cabin, helipad office, gym, sauna and steam room. It's at the low end of what a billionaire would buy at $161.8 million.

$$ Ecstasy $200,000,000

The ecstasy is a 282 feet luxury yacht, its features include two helicopter decks, a fully equipped gymnasium, a massage room, and day spa and a variety of water toys. It can accommodate up to 15 guests in its eight cabins including a master suite there are also 13 additional cabins that can house up to 27 crew members the yacht is priced at 200 million dollars.

$$ Al Salamah $200,000,000

The AL salimah is a yacht that was constructed for the late Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz. It was the second yacht owned by the Saudi royal family and was the third largest in the world, at the time of its construction back in 1998. The ship holds a cinema, library, business center, fully equipped hospital, gymnasium and spa. It also has two full-time beauticians. The yacht is valued at 200 million dollars.

$$ Lady Maura $250,000,000

Lady Maura is a private luxury yacht owned by Saudi Arabian billionaire Nasser Al Rashid, at the time it was built in 1990 it was the ninth largest private yacht in the world but now it's closer to the 30th largest the 344 foot. This yacht can hold 30 guests in 15 cabins and all of its logos and name plates are gold-plated in 24 karat gold the Lady Mora is valued at 250 million dollars.

$$ Al Mirqab $250,000,000

The yacht that belongs to Qatar's former prime minister and foreign minister Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani. The 236 foot yacht was built in 2008, it can accommodate 24 guests in 10 suites along with two VIP suites for the owner each suite has its own bathroom, living room, and double bedroom. The yachts can also accommodate 55 crew members; other features of the vessel include a cinema, inside swimming pool, jacuzzi outdoor bar, and a helicopter pad.

$$ Al-Said $300,000,000

The Al-Said luxury yacht is owned by the billionaire Sultan Qaboos of Oman. The 508 foot yacht accommodates 65 guests in 30 cabins along with 140 crew members, its interior includes a large concert hall that can hold a 50-piece Orchestra and the price tag is a cool 300 million dollars.

 $$ Motor Yacht A $323,000,000

Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko commissioned the 390 foot motor yacht, a the name was chosen so it would appear first on shipping registers. Its owner's suite and six guest suites can accommodate up to 14 guests and there's room for up to 37 crew members. It has almost 24,000 square feet of interior space with many mirrored surfaces and white stingray hides adorning the walls with crocodile skin furniture, one of its pools is glass bottoms and can be viewed from the below deck disco the yacht costs 323 million dollars.

$$ Sailing Yacht A $400,000,000

Sailing Yacht A is the second super yacht built for russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko and it was delivered in 2017, one of the distinctive features of this $400 million yacht is the underwater observation pod located in the keel with 30 centimeter thick glass. It also has 300-foot masts that stand taller than London's Big Ben at 469 feet. It's the largest private sale assisted motor yacht in the world.

$$ Dubai $400,000,000

The Dubai is owned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and 531 feet it's one of the world's largest private yachts. One of its defining features is a stunning circular staircase that has glass steps that change color, it can accommodate up to 115 people and has a swimming pool, several Jacuzzis, a helipad and several decks perfect for sunbathing.

$$ The Rising Sun $590,000,000

The Rising Sun is a 454 foot motor yacht that can accommodate up to 16 guests in 8 cabins and 45 crew members in 30 cabins. It's owned by American billionaire David Geffen who purchased it for $590 million, it has all the amenities you would expect including a spa, elevator, gym, movie theater, swimming pool, sauna and five decks.

$$ Dilbar $600,000,000

This $600 million super yacht is 512 feet long and can hold 40 guests in twenty cabins along with 80 plus crew members in 35 cabins. Its owner is Russian billionaire Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov, among many other amenities the yacht holds the largest super yacht pool in existence to put its size into perspective for you it holds enough water to fill 21 oil trucks. It also has a gym, Jacuzzi, elevator, helipad, spa, sauna, movie theater, massage room, and bar.

$$ Azzam $650,000,000

At 590 feet Azzam was the largest private motor yacht in the world at the time when it was introduced in 2013. It has a number of luxurious features that are enjoyed by its owner United Arab Emirates president Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It comes complete with a submarine and its own missile defense system, it's not only one of the longest yachts in the world but also one of the fastest with a top speed of over 30 knots or 34 miles per hour and it comes with a staggering $650 million price tag.

$$ Streets of Monaco $1,100,000,000

The Streets of Monaco yacht is one of the world's most expensive and unique yachts. It was designed to recreate the glamorous Mediterranean city state of Monaco with detailed replicas of landmarks like the Monte Carlo Casino and the Hotel Perry along with a swimming pool that was designed to look like the beach. It even has Monaco's Grand Prix course which was scaled down to a go-kart course. There are swimming pools, cafes, a spa, a library, basketball and tennis ball courts that double as a helipadparking spaces for smaller yachts and its own submarine. This $1.1 billion yacht has several 3,800 square foot VIP suites that can accommodate 16 guests and there's also room for 70 crew members.

$$ Eclipse $1,500,000,000

The Eclipse is a super luxurious yacht owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. 536 foot yacht is equipped with two helipads, two swimming pools, a cinema, a dance club and a mini submarine that can dive down 150 feet into the ocean, the master bedroom is lined with armored plating and bulletproof glass and the boat has its own missile defense system and it costs $1.5 billion.

$$ History Supreme $4,500,000,000

At 100 feet long the history supreme is nowhere close to being the largest yacht in the world but it is the most expensive, even most billionaires wouldn't be able to afford her. It was designed by Stuart Hughes from the UK who is known for selling luxury items like an $8 million golden diamond iPhone and a $7 million solid gold Rolls Royce Phantom. The vessel is made up of over 220,000 pounds of precious metals and it's covered in gold and platinum. The master bedroom has a wall feature made of meteoric stone and genuine Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Bones. it was commissioned by an anonymous billionaire from Malaysia and is valued at $4.5 billion.