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Friday, 23 November 2018

Interesting Facts About Trippie Redd || Trippie Redd Face Tattoos Meaning || Beef With Tekashi6ix9ine || Dream Machine

: : Basic Info

Trippie Redd’s real name is Michael Lamar White born on 8th June 1999 in Canton, Ohio where Marylin Manson was born. Trippie Redd is also known as Big 14, he has several hits such as “Love Scars”, “Poles1469 ft.6ix9ine”, "Dark Knight Dummo ft.Travis Scott", “Fuck Love". His recent album “A Love Letter To You3” has reached on number one spot in Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop.

According to Trippie Redd he doesn’t fit into one genre, he is versatile artist and has different test. He refuses himself to call a Mumble rapper or Emo rapper. Trippie Redd was very good in studies, he was so clever that he literally skipped out some grades like when he was in 10th grade his other friends used to be in 7/8th grade. Following his high school graduation, Trippie Redd moved to Atlanta, where he met rapper Lil Wop and started recording for real.

: : Meaning Behind His Names Trippie Redd & Big 14

Back then he used to smoke a lot of weed, I mean he still smokes hell lot of weed but the story is before his fame. So his “gang members” used to call him Trippy Hippie just because he was crazy and different. 
After he started career in music he decided to put his name as Trippy Hippie but there was already a group named Trippy Hippie so obviously he had to change it and later he opted his stage name as “Trippie Redd”, Trippie is the combination of Trippy and Hippie and Redd is because he is blood (gang member).
Big 14 aka Lil 14 is just because he grew up on those streets, 14 is his street number and as I told you he sees 14 everywhere because his family is spiritual and it is kind of lucky number for him.

: : Trippie Redd’s Career

Trippie Redd had has to be in the Hip-Hop because when he was kid his mom played AshantiBeyoncéTupac, and Nas every day and Trippie grew up listening to rappers like T-PainKISSNirvanaGucci Mane and Lil Wayne.

He was actually inspired by his older brother and later after his death in car accident Trippie took music seriously when Trippie was 10 he recorded “Sub-Zero” and “New Ferrari” song which he deleted later.

Trippie used to record music in his basement and whenever he’s done with recording, he just used Snapchat his music and later people started sharing those snippets and that’s how Trippie knew that he is making good music. He says that he’s a versatile artist he has different styles like alternative rock, R&B, Hip-Hop.

After his graduation, he moved to Atlanta to make his career in music where he met a rapper named Lil Wop. Lil Wop helped Trippie get started with a professional recording studio.  

: : Trippie Redd Face Tattoo and Other Body Tattoo Meaning

Love Scars tattoo under his left eye, Trippie was so confident about his song “Love Scars” that he got a tattoo under his left eye. He knew that this song gonna blow up and his prediction turned into reality.

One day Trippie was on his momma’s couch and he started writing for his song “Love Scars” in the dark (no electricity) and after finishing it he went to studio alone and recorded this song in one take and he done that mixing thing alone and he came up with song LOVE SCARS, according to Trippie Redd “I knew this song gonna be hit because it was the right day and right time, it was giving me the positive vibe and it blew up.”

14 tattoo between his eyebrows, according to Trippie 14 has two meanings. 14 is the street name where he grew up and another meaning is, his grandma is super religious and they have 1400 angles in their religion and whenever Trippie is doing something he just sees these numbers around him, on the car or advertising banner or anything like that.

Trippie has Indian x Irish tomahawk tattoo on his forearm and its because he's Indian and Irish so he tatted Indian and Irish style combined tomahawk.

Big Scar Over Love Scars tattoo, Trippie has a reason for this tattoo. His older brother died in the car accident and his face was split from that area where Trippie Redd has a tattoo. He also has “Oomps Revenge” tattoo on his right chick. This tattoo is also for his late brother.
TR666 tattoo on his palm, Trippie says that he’s not Satanist, according to him 666 stands for 6 Protons, 6 Electrons and 6 Neutrons which the carbon that makes melanin skin brown. Yeah, Trippie saying the same thing in his Instagram story that “Do your research, it is not the mark of the beast it is just black people shit”. And TR stands for Trippie Redd.
 Yeah I did research and it is true but what about his recent music video “Topanga”? Don’t you guys think that he is promoting Satanism or anything like that? Comment down what you think about it.

: : Trippie Redd Controversies

Beef With Tekashi6ix9ine
As many of us know that 6ix9ine had charges sexually harassing a minor girl who was just 13. Despite working together on song “Poles1469” when Trippie found that 6ix9ine is into some court thing, he took Instagram Live and said “I’m sorry brozay, 1400 don’t promote pedophiles” to reply him 6ix9ine also took the Live session and said you also had an affair with a minor girl “Bhad Bhabie”.
And yes Bhad Bhabie accepted that and said “Yeah, I was 16 and we just kissed. There’s nothing wrong and it ended up right there”.

6ix9ine with Trippie’s Ex-girlfriend
Recently 6ix9ine posted a video on his Instagram to tease Trippie Redd, you can see his video below.

Trippie Redd and Lil Wop Arrested (May 29)
Trippie Redd, Lil Wop and two other men attacked local rapper FDM Grady in Atlanta. The confrontation apparently escalated after Trippie disrespected FDM Grady's girlfriend. Grady stated he pulled a gun on Trippie just protect himself but after a moment he put it away. That’s when Grady says the other jumped in.

: : Trippie Redd Was In Drake’s “God’s Plan”

The snippet of God’s Plan featuring Trippie Redd was out before a year ago of song release. It gained a lot of attention, no one knows for sure why Trippie was not in the final version but his DJ said that "Snippet was out for too long. Since last year. New Year's gained it too much traction. Trippie only finished half his verse so I'm guessing Drake wanted to capitalize off the buzz. He and Trippie got plenty shit together they good."

Later a fan of him commented on Drake’s picture tagging Trippie in it “You missed a MASSIVE opportunity”. Later Trippie replied to his comment saying “You right I'm not gone be salty about it tho I got plenty of time to have the opportunity again." Then, he alluded at future collaborations with Drake by adding: "1400/OVO"

: : Trippie Redd’s Net Worth & Jewelry Collection

Trippie Redd’s current net worth is over $7 million, besides music Trippie is earning by selling his merch he has official merchandise website where you can buy all of his stuff.
$50K Blue Diamonds Grill
This grill has 10-carat diamonds made in white gold and the flawless white diamonds making Trippie's favorite no. 14 made up of white diamonds.

$200K Spiky 8-Ball Chain With Secret Compartment
Trippie Redd shows off a spiked 8-Ball chain with black and silver diamonds. He then opens the chain and reveals a secret compartment. Inside the ball, there’s a smaller 14 number pendant.

$450K UKA UKA Chain
Chain link covered in over 210 carats of VVS/VS+ clarity stones with white, yellow and rose gold additionally, according to Trippie Redd the UKA UKA mask chain can even play music and cost him $400,000-$500,000 USD.

More articles are coming soon about “Rapper’s Chains and Grills” so make sure to allow notifications. Just click on the “ALLOW” button in a pop-up window.

: : Tech News

$$ Instagram is testing out new user profile layouts, over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs.
$$ Alexa will soon be able to read the news just like a professional. Amazon’s Alexa continues to learn new party tricks, with the latest being a “newscaster-style” speaking voice that will be launching on enabled devices in a few weeks’ time.

$$ NASA will be conducting extensive reviews of workplace safety at two of its major commercial partners, SpaceX and Boeing

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