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Friday, 23 November 2018

November 23, 2018

Interesting Facts About Trippie Redd || Trippie Redd Face Tattoos Meaning || Beef With Tekashi6ix9ine || Dream Machine

: : Basic Info

Trippie Redd’s real name is Michael Lamar White born on 8th June 1999 in Canton, Ohio where Marylin Manson was born. Trippie Redd is also known as Big 14, he has several hits such as “Love Scars”, “Poles1469 ft.6ix9ine”, "Dark Knight Dummo ft.Travis Scott", “Fuck Love". His recent album “A Love Letter To You3” has reached on number one spot in Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop.

According to Trippie Redd he doesn’t fit into one genre, he is versatile artist and has different test. He refuses himself to call a Mumble rapper or Emo rapper. Trippie Redd was very good in studies, he was so clever that he literally skipped out some grades like when he was in 10th grade his other friends used to be in 7/8th grade. Following his high school graduation, Trippie Redd moved to Atlanta, where he met rapper Lil Wop and started recording for real.

: : Meaning Behind His Names Trippie Redd & Big 14

Back then he used to smoke a lot of weed, I mean he still smokes hell lot of weed but the story is before his fame. So his “gang members” used to call him Trippy Hippie just because he was crazy and different. 
After he started career in music he decided to put his name as Trippy Hippie but there was already a group named Trippy Hippie so obviously he had to change it and later he opted his stage name as “Trippie Redd”, Trippie is the combination of Trippy and Hippie and Redd is because he is blood (gang member).
Big 14 aka Lil 14 is just because he grew up on those streets, 14 is his street number and as I told you he sees 14 everywhere because his family is spiritual and it is kind of lucky number for him.

: : Trippie Redd’s Career

Trippie Redd had has to be in the Hip-Hop because when he was kid his mom played AshantiBeyoncéTupac, and Nas every day and Trippie grew up listening to rappers like T-PainKISSNirvanaGucci Mane and Lil Wayne.

He was actually inspired by his older brother and later after his death in car accident Trippie took music seriously when Trippie was 10 he recorded “Sub-Zero” and “New Ferrari” song which he deleted later.

Trippie used to record music in his basement and whenever he’s done with recording, he just used Snapchat his music and later people started sharing those snippets and that’s how Trippie knew that he is making good music. He says that he’s a versatile artist he has different styles like alternative rock, R&B, Hip-Hop.

After his graduation, he moved to Atlanta to make his career in music where he met a rapper named Lil Wop. Lil Wop helped Trippie get started with a professional recording studio.  

: : Trippie Redd Face Tattoo and Other Body Tattoo Meaning

Love Scars tattoo under his left eye, Trippie was so confident about his song “Love Scars” that he got a tattoo under his left eye. He knew that this song gonna blow up and his prediction turned into reality.

One day Trippie was on his momma’s couch and he started writing for his song “Love Scars” in the dark (no electricity) and after finishing it he went to studio alone and recorded this song in one take and he done that mixing thing alone and he came up with song LOVE SCARS, according to Trippie Redd “I knew this song gonna be hit because it was the right day and right time, it was giving me the positive vibe and it blew up.”

14 tattoo between his eyebrows, according to Trippie 14 has two meanings. 14 is the street name where he grew up and another meaning is, his grandma is super religious and they have 1400 angles in their religion and whenever Trippie is doing something he just sees these numbers around him, on the car or advertising banner or anything like that.

Trippie has Indian x Irish tomahawk tattoo on his forearm and its because he's Indian and Irish so he tatted Indian and Irish style combined tomahawk.

Big Scar Over Love Scars tattoo, Trippie has a reason for this tattoo. His older brother died in the car accident and his face was split from that area where Trippie Redd has a tattoo. He also has “Oomps Revenge” tattoo on his right chick. This tattoo is also for his late brother.
TR666 tattoo on his palm, Trippie says that he’s not Satanist, according to him 666 stands for 6 Protons, 6 Electrons and 6 Neutrons which the carbon that makes melanin skin brown. Yeah, Trippie saying the same thing in his Instagram story that “Do your research, it is not the mark of the beast it is just black people shit”. And TR stands for Trippie Redd.
 Yeah I did research and it is true but what about his recent music video “Topanga”? Don’t you guys think that he is promoting Satanism or anything like that? Comment down what you think about it.

: : Trippie Redd Controversies

Beef With Tekashi6ix9ine
As many of us know that 6ix9ine had charges sexually harassing a minor girl who was just 13. Despite working together on song “Poles1469” when Trippie found that 6ix9ine is into some court thing, he took Instagram Live and said “I’m sorry brozay, 1400 don’t promote pedophiles” to reply him 6ix9ine also took the Live session and said you also had an affair with a minor girl “Bhad Bhabie”.
And yes Bhad Bhabie accepted that and said “Yeah, I was 16 and we just kissed. There’s nothing wrong and it ended up right there”.

6ix9ine with Trippie’s Ex-girlfriend
Recently 6ix9ine posted a video on his Instagram to tease Trippie Redd, you can see his video below.

Trippie Redd and Lil Wop Arrested (May 29)
Trippie Redd, Lil Wop and two other men attacked local rapper FDM Grady in Atlanta. The confrontation apparently escalated after Trippie disrespected FDM Grady's girlfriend. Grady stated he pulled a gun on Trippie just protect himself but after a moment he put it away. That’s when Grady says the other jumped in.

: : Trippie Redd Was In Drake’s “God’s Plan”

The snippet of God’s Plan featuring Trippie Redd was out before a year ago of song release. It gained a lot of attention, no one knows for sure why Trippie was not in the final version but his DJ said that "Snippet was out for too long. Since last year. New Year's gained it too much traction. Trippie only finished half his verse so I'm guessing Drake wanted to capitalize off the buzz. He and Trippie got plenty shit together they good."

Later a fan of him commented on Drake’s picture tagging Trippie in it “You missed a MASSIVE opportunity”. Later Trippie replied to his comment saying “You right I'm not gone be salty about it tho I got plenty of time to have the opportunity again." Then, he alluded at future collaborations with Drake by adding: "1400/OVO"

: : Trippie Redd’s Net Worth & Jewelry Collection

Trippie Redd’s current net worth is over $7 million, besides music Trippie is earning by selling his merch he has official merchandise website where you can buy all of his stuff.
$50K Blue Diamonds Grill
This grill has 10-carat diamonds made in white gold and the flawless white diamonds making Trippie's favorite no. 14 made up of white diamonds.

$200K Spiky 8-Ball Chain With Secret Compartment
Trippie Redd shows off a spiked 8-Ball chain with black and silver diamonds. He then opens the chain and reveals a secret compartment. Inside the ball, there’s a smaller 14 number pendant.

$450K UKA UKA Chain
Chain link covered in over 210 carats of VVS/VS+ clarity stones with white, yellow and rose gold additionally, according to Trippie Redd the UKA UKA mask chain can even play music and cost him $400,000-$500,000 USD.

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: : Tech News

$$ Instagram is testing out new user profile layouts, over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs.
$$ Alexa will soon be able to read the news just like a professional. Amazon’s Alexa continues to learn new party tricks, with the latest being a “newscaster-style” speaking voice that will be launching on enabled devices in a few weeks’ time.

$$ NASA will be conducting extensive reviews of workplace safety at two of its major commercial partners, SpaceX and Boeing

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

November 14, 2018

Interesting Facts About Lil Peep || Who Gave Laced Xanax To Lil Peep? || Meaning Behind All Tattoos of Lil Peep || Lil Tracy, Smokeasa, Gothboiclique || Dream MAchine

: : Basic Info

Gustav Elijah Åhr professionally known as Lil Peep (1 November 1996 – 15 November 2017) born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and grew up in Long Island, New York. Lil Peep’s mom Liza Womack was a first-grade teacher and dad Karl Johan Åhr was a college professor. Peep’s parents were both Harvard graduates who divorced when Peep was a teenager. Lil Peep started releasing music on SoundCloud in 2014. He has many hit songs such as “Awful Things”, “Benz Truck”, “Spotlight by Marshmellow” and many more. Lets jump into Interesting Facts About Lil Peep By Dream Machine. (Snap ID:  archiii999)

This article is quite longer than other articles, if you’re really fan of Peep then please read full article.

Peep was an outsider guy and he never attended his school regularly, he first went to Lindell ElementarySchool and then Long Beach HighSchool in Lido Beach, New York. He later dropped out of the high school and took online courses to earn his diploma. While learning his diploma, he started posting his music on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Let me be real, I started listening to Gus when he died I guess 70% of his audience started listening him when he died but when I heard “Awful Things” song I was like damn, this guy would’ve rock the hip-hop scene if he was alive. But till this date I play at least one song a day of Lil Peep and X both, “Awful Things”, “Benz Truck”, “Star Shopping” and “Spotlight” these are my favorite songs by Peep.

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: : How Gustav Got His Stage Name Lil Peep?

Gustav spent his teenage alone in his bedroom with Ducks and Chickens, his mom Liza used to raise these ducks and chickens along with Gus and she used to call Gustav as Peep. Peep is referred as baby chicken and Gus was one of them.
His mom always called him by his nickname “Peep” and Gustav opted his nickname as his stage name and became “Lil Peep”. Lil Peep had a strong relationship with his mother and he always kept her as his priority.

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: : Lil Peep’s Tattoos

i. As I told you Lil Peep had his mom as a first priority but this time he used a trick to fool his first priority, Lil Peep got his first tattoo when he was 14, He was scared that his mother will get angry with him for getting the tattoo so he got her date of birth and initials tattooed on his forearm on the main tattoo. His friend did this tattoo in Peep’s garage when his mom was at home and she didn’t know it was happening.
Peep got his first face tattoo (Broken Heart under left eye) when he was 17, he tatted it to help motivate him to make music.
IMG By:- Noisey
ii.Crybaby” is one of the favorite tattoo of Lil Peep, he used to think that the world is sad and always complain about everything and Peep also used to complain a lot but after a certain point he found himself and stopped complaining and started feeling grateful for whatever he had and that’s why he tatted Crybaby over his right eye.

iii. Peep had “Centipede and other Bugs” tattoo, Peep always hated Centipede and when he was living in Long Island he had encountered Centipedes tones of times. While Peep was in elementary school, whenever Peep saw Centipede crawling on his body he just used to run like a mad dog and throwing cloths off and used to say to his mother “I’m leaving this house and gonna stay in my friend’s house, I’m not gonna come back until you show me Centipede is dead on the napkin.” 
After some time he was used to Centipede and other bugs and he called himself a Centipede Murderer and tatted Centipede and other bugs on his inner forearm. If you’ve seen Peep’s latest music video of Lil Peep “Life Is Beautiful” then you can clearly see that animated Centipedes and Bugs crawling all around his body.

iv. Lil Peep also has “Halloween Pumpkin” tattoo on his forearm, he tatted this because he was born on 1st of November on the Halloween night. So, he got Halloween Pumpkin tattoo. 
Peep had “Get Cake Die Young and Horse Shoe” tattoo, he didn’t know from where that Get Cake 

v. Die Young tattoo came, he just woke up one day and saw this tattoo in mirror.
The Horse Shoe lucky charm tattoo for his good luck and it was his one of the favorite tattoo.
vi.Liza Simpson” tattoo, whenever Peep felt depressed or alone he used to call his mother and when he was child whenever he was in problem he used to scream mom that’s why tatted screaming Simpson tattoo on his throat.

Other tattoos of Lil Peep are mentioned in Comment Section, do check out and leave a comment if you liked my article.

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: : Lil Peep Into Music Industry

Peep started making music at his home when he was in high school. Peep’s grandmother brought him some beats and told his mother to support him for his music and Peep’s mother brought him earphones for him.
Peep Chilling w/ Grandmaa
Peep left his high school (took online courses for diploma and completed his graduation) and moved to Los Angles for his career in music at the age of 17. He met some of his online friends and started to live with them he did not have money at that time so he used to eat beans everyday and used to wear same pants everyday.

In 2015, Lil Peep released his first mixtape, “LilPeep Part One”, which generated 4,000 plays in its first week. Later, he released his first extended play, “Feelz, and another mixtape, “Live Forever.According to Lil Peep, Crybaby was recorded in just three days with a $100 microphone. He did a majority of the mixing and mastering himself on his laptop. Lil Peep made ”Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt.1” album in five days. He made number of his songs in just 20 minutes.

Peep was into fashion when he was 10, his friends used to copy his style from those days and during the last months of his life he modeled for Vlone and was invited to and attended several fashion shows such as Balmain men's show at Paris Fashion Week and Moncler Gamme Bleu MFW Mens Spring Summer show in Milan.

In late 2018, it was announced that a Lil Peep clothing line was being created called "No Smoking" which was developed before Lil Peep's death. 

: : Lil Peep With Lil Tracy and Smokeasac

One of the Lil Peep’s producer and DJ Nedarb aka Gothboiclique invited his friend to his house in LA where Peep was with him. He met his all friends and Lil Tracy was one of them, they were just talking about random shit and decided to make a video song and on that same day they shooted the “White Tee” video in that house and later the bond between Peep and Tracy became stronger and they started making music together.

Crazy Peep and Lil Tracy in "White Tee" Song

Smokeasac used to upload his beats on the internet and one day Lil Peep texted him for beats and Smokeasac was super-exited because Lil Peep was the first person to buy his beats. Later Smokeasac sent his bunch of beats and after a day peep sent him beats back with lyrics and Smokeaasac was surprised with his work and he knew that Peep gonna be upcoming rockstar.

The fun fact about Smokeasac and Peep is, when Smokeasac was struggling with his music career, he moved to LA and encountered Lil Peep but he didn’t know that this skinny guy was the first customer of him.

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: : Lil Peep’s Interesting Facts

i. Lil Peep was assistant chief in a sea food restaurant, once the chief said him to cut off the crabs from middle with scissors and at that day he cuts off 300 crabs and never went back to that hotel again.

ii . Lil Peeps favorite cartoon show is Scooby Doo and Pink Panther His favorite anime was Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, bleach, Shiki’s.

iii. Lil Peeps favorite song to sing was “Take Me To The Moon”.

iv. Before the release of his first album, he mentioned Kurt CobainDavid BowieFrank Ocean and Riff Raff as inspirations, and wanted to be known as the "Kurt Cobain of Rap".

v. Lil Peep tweeted that he’s bisexual and began a romantic relationship with Makonnen.
Lil Peep bleached his hair in fourth grade with purple and green color. He stated in an interview that “I've always wanted to look different. I just wanted to look like a videogame character or an anime character or some shit. It's funny, because people draw me as anime characters now all the time

: : Lil Peep’s Death

Lil Peep had a show in Tucson, Arizona and before the show Gothboiclique or GBC tweeted “Tucson, what’s the deal?”. Now a girl named Mariah Bons reached out to GBC and texted them that “I have joints, wax, pods and xanax”, the girl gave laced XANAX to Peep, the XANAX was laced with fentanyl. After giving the drugs she took a picture with Lil Peep and waited for Peep to show up on the stage but Peep was dead in the van. You can watch full video of ”Lil Peep’s Death Exposed” by clicking here but before that read full article, you may miss some of his facts.

Lil Peep’s death was recorded on a phone by his friend BexeySwan, he thought Peep is sleeping but in real life Peep was dead.

Lil Peep had taken a nap around 5:45 p.m. before the concert. His manager checked on him twice and found him sleeping and breathing fine, but was unable to wake him. When the manager checked on Lil Peep a third time, he was unresponsive and not breathing.

: : Tech News

i. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4 on 7th December. The base variant of game will be priced at $30, Survivor’s Edition will cost you $50 and Champion’s Edition will be priced at $60.

ii. AT&T will sell Razer Phone 2, the best gaming phone will be released on November 16th.
Your Snapchat friendships now have their own profiles The introduction of friendship profiles is one of several steps Snap is making today to promote close friendships.

iii. In addition to profiles, Snapchat will begin selling Bitmoji merchandise featuring the company’s personalized avatars. BTW, you can add me on snap if you want to. (Snap ID: archiii999)

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