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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Juice WRLD Interesting Facts || Why He Changed Name From JuiceTheKidd to Juice WRLD || 999 Tattoo Meaning || Dream Machine

: : Juice’s Life (@juicewrld999)

>> Juice WRLD’s original name is Jarad Higgins, born in December 2, 1998. He’s from Chicago and now he lives with his girlfriend Alexa(@itsstarfire) in Los Angeles. Juice’s parents divorced when he was 3 years old, his mom raised his older brother and him alone.
>> Juice WRLD’s mom was kind of religious and she wanted Juice listen to Rock and Pop music instead of Hip-Hop, but who listens to mother’s instructions? Juice and his cousins used to listen to Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi and Eminem.

>> Juice had a crush on an Emo girl when he was in 5th grade, she was into Rock Music genre, so to impress that girl he started listening to Rock music like “Fall Out Boy”, “Black Veil Brides”, “Senses Fail” and much more.

>> After tons of relationships he came into a conclusion that all girls are the same and he made a song about it named “All Girls Are The Same”. The song went viral and he got tons of DMs on his Instagram, people saying all girls aren’t the same.

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: : Meaning Behind The Name Juice WRLD 999

>> Juice WRLD was initially known as JuiceTheKidd, his favorite rapper Tupac Shakur worked in a filmJuice” and being inspired from that film he changed his name as Juice, the word WRLD came from nowhere, Juice stated that ”I wanted my name to be unique and creative that’s why I put WRLD in the end of the name, even I don’t know how the word WRLD came, I just put it randomly and later that word got meaning that is , Juice is in his own world and it is Juice WRLD”.

>> And 999 stands for upside down of 666 (number of the beast) which means whatever hell is happening to you, just turn it upside down and make it good or positive. Just be positive and don’t give up, something good will happen to you. You know, there are number of rappers who sell their souls to Satan to be famous and rich but Juice doesn’t like it that’s why he turned their 666 number into 999.

: : Juice In Hip Hop Game

>> Juice learnt to play piano when he was 4 years old and also played trumpet for band class. Juice WRLD’s school “Homewood Flossmoor High School” had a radio show and he used to do freestyle in that show, the show was ran by his friend Jaylin who is now in the Military.
Young Juice WRLD
>> Juice’s first track, "Forever", was released on SoundCloud in 2015 under the name JuiceTheKidd. Juice recorded a majority of his first tracks on a cellphone, uploading them to SoundCloud in his second year of high school.

>> While releasing projects and songs on SoundCloud, Juice worked in a factory for 9 to 5 job, but was fired within two weeks after finding himself dissatisfied with the job.

>> Juice was about to leave Hip Hop because his songs were not working out, so he almost decided to leave the music. After some time he took music seriously and stared writing songs again and that’s why he’s on the top of these new artists today.

>> According to Juice, his girlfriend Alexa has a big role in his music life. He says that Alexa is his biggest supporter and pushes him forward all the time, even if she’s with her friends she plays Juice’s music only and her friends loves his music too.

: : Story Behind Juice WRLD’s Big Hits “Lucid Dream” & “All Girls Are The Same”

>> When Juice decided to be professional into hip hop, he recorded “Lucid Dreams”, “Sticks and Stones”, “Moonlight” in NVR Entertainment (studio). This studio gave a big confidence to Juice and was motivating Juice to make music.
October 3, 2018
>> The beat of the song “Lucid Dreams” is produced by Nick Mira, but the fun fact about this song is; Nick Mira was watching a movie named “Leon The Professional” and it has the song by “Sting- Shape of MyHeart”. The melody in Lucid Dreams’ originally belongs to this song, Shape of My Heart has the guitar melody and Nick Mira added that melody and made fire beat for Juice.

>> One more fun fact about Lucid Dream song is, Juice wrote that song in just 20 minutes and he actually had sleep paralysis that’s why it came into his lyrics. The song Lucid Dreams got 3X Platinum certification. In May 2018, Lucid Dreams was officially released as a single and given a video. It has since peaked at number three and quickly became one of the biggest streaming songs of 2018.
The actress which is featuring in Lucid Dreams Official Video is none other than Juice WLRD’s current girlfriend Alexa.
>> While Juice was going through number of relationships, he found that all girls that I’ve dated were same and that’s why this reality also came into his lyrics. After releasing this song it went viral and he got tons of DMs on his Instagram. People went nuts saying All Girls Aren’t Same and Juice later stated in his interview that, I know that all girls aren’t the same because he’s current girlfriend was different from others.

>> Juice released a song “Legends” in remembrance of and dedicated to deceased rappers Lil Peep and XXXTentacion, the song Legends charted at number 65.  Losing unique artists for no reason is not good at all, both Peep and X were my favorite artist of all time even today I play X’s and Peep’s music on loop but sadly they’re not here with us to watch their success. Rest In Paradise Lil Peep and Prince Jahsesh.

: : Juice’s Drug Addiction

>> Juice was a heavy drug user during his childhood and teens.  He began drinking lean (purple drank, it is mixture of soda and cough syrup) in sixth grade and using percocets and xanax in 2013. Juice also smoked cigarettes, quitting in his last year of high school due to health issues and now only smokes weed.

>> Juice popped mollies and xanies before it was cool in the industry, he did this shit before Future and Migos started to use these drugs into their lyrics, after being overdosed many times he decided to keep himself totally out of the drugs and now he only smokes weed and cigarettes.

: : Juice WRLD’s Collaborations

>> Juice is working with Chainsmokers and planning to drop their music soon and he has been chilling with “Ski Mask The Slump God” these days and Ski also mentioned that they’re gonna drop some dope music very soon.
>> Juice and Lil Uzi Vert made a song “Wasted” which was released on July 2018. Juice used to play GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas all the time and from that game the title of the song Wasted came. Wasted song producer CBMIX made this beat and Uzi liked it and wanted to drop a verse and he made it very quickly.

Another good news is that on May 2018, Juice was playing his top listened song Lucid Dreams on his Instagram live but this not it. The beats were Lucid Dreams and vocals sang by Lil Uzi Vert, we hope that Juice will drop this remix soon and I’m waiting eagerly because I’m big fan of Uzi and Juice.

>> Juice also made a remix with Lil Yachty on Juice’s another hit song “All Girls AreThe Same”. When this song came I really went nuts, i mean the beat was fire and his lyrics was ultimate plus his voice was changing from Post Malone to Lil Yachty all the time and that’s not only me. There are number of comments on YouTube that Juice kind of looks like Yachty and sounds like Post and has lyrics like X.
: : Juice’s Favorite List

>> “Like Mike” is Juice WLRD’s favorite movie of all time, he confessed that he can watch this movie hundred times in a loop.

>> Juice’s favorite cartoon is Rick and Morty but he likes anime more than cartoon shows. Juice favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, One Piece and most recent One Punch Man.

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>> Juice doesn’t love branded cloths, it’s not like he hate them but he likes to wear some unique collections like no one had before. He goes to designer/boutique shops instead of Gucci or Versace showrooms.

>> His favorite game is Skate3 from PS3 and he’s doing PS sessions nowadays and inviting his Instagram followers to play with him.

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