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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Facts You Didn't Know About Stephan Hawking || Dream Machine

: : Introduction

A man who can’t walk, a man who can’t talk he can’t even move independently, and yet somehow he still found a way to the universe and its mysterious activities. Dream Machine salutes this physicist whose whole life was dedicated to science and its development. Stephen William Hawking (8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018) was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Director of Research at Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.
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: : Birth & Death of Stephan

Stephan Hawking born on 8th January 1942 which was the 300th anniversary of death of the great scientist Galileo Galilei. When Stephan died (14th Mar) it was the Einstein’s birth day. What a coincidence right? But these things does not stop here, also it was a 30th pi (π) day when he died.

: : He Was on Many TV Shows

He was the repeat guest on The Simpsons according to Hawking his several appearances on the show as himself have many children think that he’s actually a cartoon character. He was also in The Big BangTheory, Futurama and Star Terk

: : Hawking was a Star Rower 

While at Oxford a young Stephan Hawking was finding himself bored with classes, in an effort to try something new he joined the school’s boat club, before his illness he was the most important member of his team. His dedication made him very popular with his team and soon his social life was booming with parties and friendly practical joking.

: : He Published a Book for Kids

We all know him as the best-selling author of “ABrief History of Time” & “Theory of Everything”. But in 2007 Stephan and his daughter Lucy collaborated to write “George’s Secret Key to The Universe”. The book is about a young boy George who rebels against his parents aversion to technology.

: : His Friends Nicknamed Him Einstein 

Like many of our greatest thinkers school was initially not a great time for Stephan Hawking, in 2010 he literally admitted that he was a lazy student from grade school all the way to his time at Oxford. He didn’t really learn to read until he was 8 years old. Even though his schoolmates nicknamed him Einstein, clearly seeing his potential for greatness, fortunately one math teacher Mr.Tata inspired him to learn math and science.

Stephan Hawking attended an all-girls school for a time, his family moved to st. Albans while his father was working nearby city.

: : He Lost a Bet Against a Physicist

Hawking once lost a bet on Black Holes, he made a bet in 1997 with an American theoretical physicist John Prescott about the informational paradox of Black Holes. Which said nothing can escape from a Black Hole not even information. But he said at the time, information is lost in the Black Hole that eventually evolved later Hawking admitted that he was wrong while giving a lecture at a scientific conference in 2004.

: : He Never Won a Nobel Prize

Stephan Hawking’s name is synonymous with genius his theories have helped advance our understanding of the universe and yet his trophy case is missing one of the highest honors in science. Because Nobel Prizes are reserved for confirmed discoveries and Hawking radiation is still technically theoretical. But he has earned some other great distinctions becoming the Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1974 and much more.

: : How He Lived So Long With ALS

Stephan Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease also known as “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” or ALS in 1963. The doctors told him that he has only 2 or 3 years to live, ALS did eventually take its toll but not his life he lived over 50 years with that disease but on 14th March 2018 he left his soul and moved towards his universe of dreams.

: : Tech News

1. Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s data operation team for misusing people’s personal information.

2. This Japanese startup is making a hover backpack to argument jumping ability. There’s no pricing or release date for this product. It uses a circular rotor to provide enough downward thrust to let the human wearer jump higher.

3. Plattsburgh has become the first city in the US to ban cryptocurrency mining. The city has the cheapest rates of electricity in the world about 4.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. This has the led cryptocurrency miners to use the city as a base for their profits.

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