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Friday, 23 March 2018

Facts You Need To Know About The Planet Earth || Dream Machine

: : The Secret Ocean

Scientist have discovered a vast reservoir of water located 660 kilometers beneath Earth’s surface. The underground ocean is hidden inside a blue rock called ringwoodite, which acts like sponge, trapping hydrogen and water.

There’s enough water beneath the Earth’s surface to fill Earth’s ocean over three times. Scientist Steve Jacobson suggests that the Earth’s surface ocean were first formed when trapped water was driven to the surface by geological activity.

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: : Uneven Gravity

Many people assume that gravity is distributed equally on Earth, but there are certain places such as Hudson Bay in Canada, that actually experience less gravity than other region of globe. In Hudson Bay this occurs because there is only a small amount of land mass, due to retreating glaciers on the surface and swirling magma in the Earth’s core.

: : The Earth Bakery

Over the next 1.1 billion years, scientists predict that the Sun will get progressively brighter and hotter by about 10% compared to now. In 4 billion years our ocean will evaporate, resulting in runway greenhouse effect that will send temperatures soaring about 400 0 celsius.

In 7.5 billion years Earth will become a vast desert similar to Mars today and Sun will expand into a red giant.

: : How Did Life On Earth Begin?

There are around 8.7 million different species on Earth, but scientists are still not entirely sure how life on Earth began. Most scientists believe that living things developed from molecules that were able to replicate themselves, rather like DNA does.

These molecules either came from somewhere further outer in space, or they were produced by the conditions on Earth at the time.

: : Longer Earth Days

Around 620 million years ago there were only 21.9 hours in a day. Ocean tides generated by the Moon and Sun’s gravity have added 1.7 milliseconds to the length of a day each century, because they alter the planet’s rotational momentum.

The length of the day can also be affected by natural events such as the 2011 earthquake in Japan, which actually shortened the length of each Earth day.

: : Mirror Magnetic Field

The Earth’s magnetic field is becoming less stable. Researchers believe that the planet’s inner core is slowly growing, as the outer core cools and solidifies, resulting in more frequent flips of Earth’s magnetic field. In other words, if the polarity of today’s magnetic field were reversed, the North and South markings on all compasses would be 1800 wrong.

Humans won’t be able to feel any serious problems due to this mirror magnetic effect, but some animals such as whales and pigeons use the Earth’s magnetic field for sense of direction. So if reversal occurs in their lifetime, then they might have to develop different way for navigation.

: : Tech News

1. FIFA World Cup referees will use Hublot’s  new wear OS watch to check for goals. As Hublot is the official timekeeping sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It has AMOLED screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and has one day battery backup which is 410mAh.

2. Snapchat has brought a retro look to its lens feature, in this lens Cuphead and Mugman appear and start shooting when a person enters the frame.

3. Facebook messenger adds administrator privileges for group chats. Whereas before anyone from group can add members but in this new feature Admin has power to accept or decline the user.

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