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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Facts you didn't know about Lil Pump || Smokepurpp || Celebrity Facts || Dream Machine

 : : Introduction

Gazzy Garcia (born August 17, 2000), known professionally as Lil Pump, is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. Garcia is best known for his song "Gucci Gang" which peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100. He released his debut studio albumLil Pump, on October 6, 2017.
When Garcia was 13 years old, his cousin introduced him to Omar Pineiro, better known as Smokepurpp; the two eventually became co-collaborators. Garcia was expelled from multiple district schools and thereafter enrolled in an opportunity high school but was expelled in the tenth grade for fighting and inciting a riot.
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: : The Outsider Pump

Lil Pump grew up in South Florida who used to sell and use drugs and he got kicked out of every school he ever attended.
He got kicked out of one middle school for beating up a girl and kicked out of an opportunity high school for apparently starting a riot.
When Lil Pump was in school, he was listening to Chief Keef’s song “don’t lie” and the girl besides him decided to give him hard time. She put gum in his hair and in response he beat her badly.

: : Encounter with Smokepurpp

When Lil Pump was 13 years old, his cousin introduced him to Smokepurpp after that they became good friends and they did very dumb shit like breaking windows and all. Because of his behavior, he was kicked out of school and never got admission to any public school. But after joining an opportunity high school he was again kicked out of the school in 10th grade due to fighting with other students.
His opportunity school had metal detectors, security guards and pat-downs but still Lil Pump managed to start a riot which included helicopters.

: : The Beginning of Rap Career

Lil Pump never wanted to do rap in his career he wasn’t even thinking about jumping into the music industry, but his friend Smokepurpp was a producer and Smokepurpp taught him to play beats on FL Studio. After watching YouTube tutorials he later became good at it and started making music.

After learning FL Studio, he was able to rhyme beats and recorded his first track “Lil Pump”. He uploaded his track on SoundCloud but at the same time, he used to sell drugs like XANAX and WEED (*weed is not a drug) and earned money. After some time he found that his song has more than 10,000 views and they both blew up. Later he started focusing on his music career and from 10K he’s now on 600M views, congrats Boiii.

: : Tattoos of Lil Pump & Lil Peep

Lil Pump was a good friend of Lil Peep, who sadly passed away in November 2017. Although there is no official cause of his death, Lil Peep was rumored to have taken drugs that were laced with another substance. His songs are great even I listen to him every single day, yes I love peep too.

Lil Pump has the same two tattoos on his face as Hisoka, tear and start the tattoo. Even Lil Peep also has Hisoka’s tattoo, he has a star under his right eye. These rappers are fans of anime in fact Lil Uzi is also a big fan of anime characters.
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: : Tech News

1. Miami airport added a facial recognition passport screening system. It is the first major US airport Implement facial recognition.

2. Haier’s ASU smartwatch has a built-in projector, which works as a second screen where you can see the information on the back of your hand. While you’re running the projector will display distance, time, progress towards fitness goals, and much more.

3. Facebook is expanding its job application functionality to 40 new countries. This feature rolled to the US and Canada last year.

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