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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Only 1 Gram that Costs $25 Billion || Antimatter || Dream Machine

So commonly when we think of the most valuable material in the world, our mind tends to center onto Gold and while gold is very expensive with the current value of $55 per gram. There are other materials that are significantly more expensive. Drugs like Heroine, Cocaine, and LSD are the most expensive drugs in the world by sheer weight. The market value of Diamond per gram is even more prohibitively expensive. But even this is nothing compared to the most valuable material currently known to humanity which is nothing but Antimatter.

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: : What Is The Antimatter?

Antimatter is the opposite of regular matter. Down at the atomic level, antimatter is made up of particles and atoms just like regular matter. The only thing is they have an opposite electric charge. Whenever antimatter and matter touch one another they instantly annihilate each other in a 100% efficient release of energy. This pure energy release is why antimatter could prove to be extremely useful.

: : How Dangerous & Useful Is Antimatter?

 The most efficient nuclear weapons convert a mere 7% to 10% of their mass into energy while antimatter to matter, collision releases 100% of their mass into energy. If you’re carrying a 1 gram of antimatter about the size of a raisin and dropped it on the ground, it would create an explosion greater than both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosion combined.

Antimatter is not used only for military or war purposes, beyond that, there are several uses of antimatter. Anti-protons have been also shown in several studies to have the potential to treat certain kinds of cancers. 

Antimatter could also be used as a fuel source for interstellar travel. It is conceivable that using antimatter as a fuel source could propel the rocket with humans on board to about 50% of the speed of light (Speed of light is about 3,00,000 km/s),  Which is fast enough to reach the nearest star (Alpha Centauri)  to earth in just a little over two years.

: : Why we haven’t created Antimatter yet?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) operated by CERN in Switzerland is the world’s biggest and powerful particle accelerator. This collider is capable of producing 10 million antiprotons per minute, I know that sounds like a lot but it is a very tiny amount. To produce just a single gram of antimatter at that rate of production, it would take CERN almost 100 billion years to complete.

The antimatter is incredibly rare, expensive, and difficult to produce. Antimatter is produced naturally in Earth’s outer atmosphere when high-energy cosmic rays impact it, but the amount produced is tiny.

Producing antimatter is only the first problem though, storing it is perhaps an even larger problem because antimatter explodes when it comes in contact with regular matter so you cannot keep it in ordinary container.  You have to keep antimatter without it coming into contact with anything. CERN has only succeeded in storing antimatter atoms for record 17 minutes before they became annihilated.

: : Tech New

1. Snapchat is borrowing a tagging friend  feature from Instagram, somewhat ironic  Typing your friend‘s username in the caption will allow other users to see your friend’s profile or you can add them.

2. Bose is developing  AR (augmented reality) glasses with a focus on sound, Bose is releasing a Bose AR SDK and setting up a $50 million funds to invest in companies that will build things with Bose AR

3.Google added video voicemail feature to its Duo messaging app.

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  1. Where was the antimatter stored for 17 minutes? In what type of container? What was the reason that after 17 minutes annihilation occured? Just Some of my queries. Otherwise the article was very interesting :)

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      The antimatter is stored in magnetic container a method called Penning trap. In this sort of device, charged positrons and antiprotons are held by electric and magnetic forces and stay in the center of the container without touching its walls. These traps are so effective that particles can be stored for months without ever encountering matter.
      The reason behind 17 minutes is the battery life of that container, if the batteries drained out then the antimatter will collide and can have big explosion.

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