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Friday, 30 March 2018

Facts You Didn't Know About 21 Savage || Dream Machine

: : Introduction

Shayaa Bin Abraham-Jospeh (22nd October 1992), better known as 21 Savage, is an American rapper. His popular songs like “Bank Account”, “No Heart” & “X” made him more famous. His next song with Post Malone “Rockstar” which peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 was a very big hit for him and as well as for Posty . 21 Savage born in Roseau, Dominica and he lived with his 4 brothers and 6 sisters, though one decreased due to a shooting after a drug deal in 7th grade his name was Damon. Here are some amazing facts about 21 Savage presented by Dream Machine.

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: : Gangster Family

21 Savage’s father used to sell Crack Cocaine. His uncle was killed in front of their home he took 2 bullets in his head and 21 Savage was only 11. He said it many of times that Atlanta is a savage town people are getting shot up even moms too. His granddad & grandma died due to these shoot-outs. He lost his many friends and family members during his teen.

: : How He Kicked Out of Many Schools

At 14 he started using & selling drugs, he also had a gun with him and once he brought the gun to his school. But why did he do that? He wanted to teach a kid that he should not talk shit about him, due to this incident he eventually got kicked out of school and never got admission into any other schools in the county.

: : Meaning of 21 Savage

On his 21st birthday him and his best friend Johnny got shot. 21 Savage took 6 bullets including one in his hand and one in his neck but managed to make it out alive. Sadly his best friend Johnny wasn’t so lucky and he died.  21 Savage felt that this was the very bad thing happened to me, so his 21st birthday was totally memorable.  And later he was looking for a name and he found the name Savage on an Instagram picture, so this is how he created his name 21 Savage.

: : Stepping Into Music Industry

He done some dabbling with rap having made one song with his older brother and had got his hands on a Mac computer and a microphone. Later his brother Tayman robbed a house and found a better computer and a better microphone so Savage set those up in his bedroom. After his friend’s death he took rapping seriously and within 1.5 year he got call for 2016XXL Freshman Cyper”.

: : 21’s Dagger Face Tat

The original inspiration was Tony Montana’s blade tattoo in surface. Savage and his brothers agreed to get ink in the same place as Tony, between thumb and index finger. But Tayman ditched that plan and planted it right between his eyes, after Tayman was shot and killed in a drug deal. Savage did the same, he inked dagger in between his eyes in to his brother.

: : 21 Savage’s Relationship with Amber Rose

He became a headline on newspapers in 2017, but according to him that relationship goes back way longer than we all know about. Nowadays his relationship going pretty well, they both bought each other a matching diamond encrusted watches. There have been engagement rumours that Amber Rose bought him a $50K diamond promise ring, but this isn’t it.

Recently on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” radio show, Amber Rose confirmed that she is no longer in relationship with 21 Savage. Amber:- “You know Big Boy, to be in a relationship, in general, is very difficult. To be famous and in a relationship is even more difficult”. ClickHere to watch her response and skip it to 12 minute.

: : Tech News

1. Snapchat launches ‘Connected Apps’ feature to help users control third-party apps. Where you can give permissions to other apps whether to connect with Snapchat or not (giving access to use your pictures and contacts).

2.Facebook ends partnership with data brokers who help advertisers target people . Facebook is under pressure to improve its handling of data after disclosing that information about 50 million Facebook users wrongly ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica.

3.Google acquires Tenor, a popular GIF platform that advertisers love. Tenor has integrated with Google images as well as with Gboard.

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