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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Insane Facts about Universe that will scare you || Dream Machine

If you thought you much know about the space, trust me that is just a gazillion to what goes on out there, for starters there are 100 Billion galaxies and that’s not even it. For every single grain of sand on a planet there are close to 10,000 stars in the universe.Here Dream Machine presents insane facts about Universe that will scare you. 

: : Rouge Planet want to play pinball with the earth

If you are scared of these comets and asteroids then what do you think about a stray planet which can hit the earth anytime. Researchers found that the planet named WISE 0855-0714 is the nearest planet to the earth (7 light years away). These types of planets don’t have their own light so we cannot see them easily.
 Scientists say that the number of rouge planets is almost equal to number of stars in our solar system. These planets don’t revolve around the sun in a particular orbit, they travel in any direction throughout the space.

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: : Meteors can strike without warning

On 9th January 2017, when we were busy doing our own work an asteroid named 2017 AG13 passed by the earth very closely, this asteroid was almost 25/30 meters long(almost a 10 floors building). In 2013 same size of asteroid was fall onto Russia because of that more than 1000 people were injured.

Researchers found that there are almost 857 asteroids are revolving around the earth and has length more than 1 kilometer. These asteroids can easily destroy the earth into small pieces, but thanks to the Jupiter because Jupiter has very high amount of gravitational force, with that force asteroids change their path and they don’t fall on earth.

: : A giant black hole roaming through space with (3 Million mph)

What you hear in the movies maybe true, a supermassive black hole a million times heavier than sun is hurtling through space at 3 million miles per hour. Black hole is type of astro void where everything can attracts towards it with its gravitational force, if anything goes inside black hole then it cannot escape through it even light also.

The black hole b31715+425 also known as naked black hole, it is 2 billion light years away from earth, researchers believe that this rouge black hole may have bumped into another galaxy and ripped it apart to pursue its own path.

: : The Dark World

The dark world refers to the exoplanet TRS 2B which eat light for breakfast despite being nothing close to black hole in celestial terms, the dark world absorbs light at such an insane rate that it appears to astronomers darker than a piece of coal. The near invisible spheroid was discovered through the wobble or gravitational pull its start, plus the invisibility of matter behind it. There are only few theories as to why TRS 2B wont reflect light some speculated that it could harbor a new kind of chemical which is unknown to human kind.

: : Milky way Galaxy is going to collide

Our galaxy Milky Way is going to collide with another galaxy Andromeda after 4 billion years. Scientist says that anyhow this collision will happen because Andromeda galaxy is coming towards Milky Way galaxy which is to scary. You can see the Andromeda galaxy with your naked eyes, but if you have telescope then you can see it very clearly. Researchers found that 8 billion years ago Andromeda galaxy was collide with another galaxy and then Andromeda became the largest galaxy.

After being collide with Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda will become much larger than before and because of this collision nothing will change totally. Because the distance between each starts of Milky Way and Andromeda is too much, so only two black holes will combine together and it’ll create a whole new massive black hole between these two galaxies.

: : Tech News:-

1. WhatsApp’s new upcoming feature in Android “ Dismiss as Admin”, where you can dismiss those annoying people who send inappropriate messages without removing them from the group.

2. Apple made a section of the App Store to highlight apps that offers free trial, but be sure to check if a subscription is annually, monthly or weekly.

3. Google detected and banned 60 games from Play Store after pornographic ads were found.

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