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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How Does the Internet Works? Who OWNS the Internet | Optical Fiber Cables | Dream Machine

In today’s date we can live 3 hours without water, without food but we cannot live without Internet even for 30 min. But how you ever wonder how does the Internet works and who owns Internet, and how someone get high sped connection and someone get low speed connection and how these companies like Vodafone, AirTel, Jio provides Internet to us via Optical Fibercables, so you’ll get to know about the Internet in this article by Dream Machine.

: : Connections Via Cables

Whole world is connected to the Internet and most of the people think that, the Internet is provided to us via satellite or via network towers. But the thing that you don’t know is almost 99% of the Internet is works on Optic Fiber cables.

To provide the service of Internet door to door, Internet needs to go through these three steps of big companies which is TR1 Company. This is the company which sets the big cable lines (Optic Fiber cables) under the ocean to get connected to each and every country. There are a lot of TR1 companies in the world click here to see which are those.

: : How Optical Fiber Cable Works

The Optical Fiber cable also known for Submarine Communication cable, this cable contains number of small wires where each wire carries 100 GBPS bandwidth. These wires are covered into 8 layers of Polyethylene, Mylar tape, Copper etc.
 In India, TATACommunications is the TR1 company who spread the whole Optical Fiber cables from Mumbai to each county. Mumbai, Cochin, Trivendrum, Tuticorine, Puducherry, Chennai are those cities of India which are connected to whole world via these Optical Fiber cables. ClickHere to see how it is connected.

There are multiple backups for these wires, if any wire is damaged due to any reason then immediately backup wire takes place of the original wire. The internet is free for everyone, so these TR1 companies invest their money into these Optical Fiber cables and they provide the Internet to TR2 companies. AirTel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea these are the TR2 companies.

: : How does it works

Now as I said these TR1 companies just spread their Optical Fiber cables throughout the world and then it is divided into cities. In each country TR2 companies builds their own towers  in each and every city so that these cable network can distribute further.

Suppose each tower has 100 MBPS bandwidth, and in your area there has only one tower so number of people uses the same internet connection and because of that the internet which is given by the tower is again divided into number of customers, so this is why sometimes you get low speed.

: : How you get data that you search for

If you are searching for any foreign website like then obviously this website does not have any servers in India, so this request is filled through foreign server which will consume more time because as it does not have any server in India. The traffic will first go to your nearest landing point (Mumbai, Chennai) and then it’ll go through Optical Fiber cables and will connect directly to United Kingdom’s server.

If you search for then you’ll quickly get access to their sites because you don’t need to go through this process. Your traffic will internally travel through Indian servers and will give you the result as quick as possible.

If you open “cmd prompt” in windows pc then enter the command “tracert” give space and enter then enter the site name “” then it’ll give you multiple IP addresses. It’ll give you total path from where the data jumped and where it finally stopped. Copy that IP’s and paste it on any IP location finder and you’ll get to know from which city your result is showing.

: : Tech News

1. Bitcoin drops 50% from its peak value as it falls below $10,000.

2. New Xbox elite controller revealed. New controller supports USB-C for charging, Bluetooth supports for windows 10, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, longer key travel for paddles and three-profile switch.

3. Lego and Chinese tech giant Tencent have formed a partnership to develop licensed games, videos and other content for Chinese children.

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