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Monday, 29 January 2018

January 29, 2018

Amazing facts about Post Malone you didn’t know for sure || Post Malone Tattoo Meaning || Dream Machine

: : Basic Info

Post Malone’s real name is Austin Richard Post (born July 4, 1995), he is an American singer rapper, song producer, writer and guitarist. If you don’t know who Post Malone is, then you’re really sleeping under the rock. He started experimenting with music when he was in high school, he used to perform in heavy metal band and later making mixtape on the audio editing software FL Studio at the age of 16. He make music genres like Hip hop, R&B, Trap, Cloud rap & Rap rock.

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: : Post learned guitar by a game Guitar Hero

Post Malone learnt to play guitar by a game Guitar Hero, he played this game first time after he moved to Los Angeles and quickly became obsessed in the game. He said that I used to get 5 starts in every song on expert mode.

: : He gave audition for Crown the Empire at 15

When Posty was 15 years old he began to play guitar and he gave an audition for the band Crown the Empire in 2010. But he was rejected because his guitar strings broke while giving the auditions.

: : Post Malone Worked in Restaurant named Chicken Express

Post Malone worked in the Chicken Express restaurant when he was teenager while trying to break into music industry. His love for loafers was insane from teenage. He bought his first Versace loafers of worth $800. He spent his all money to buy Versace loafers that he earned from Chicken Express.

: : The Name Post Malone Came through a Website, Rap Name Generator

Post once said that when he was 14 or 15 his stage name Post Malone was created by a website named Rap Name Generator. The name was rumored to be reference of professional basketball player Karl Malone.

: : White Iverson is Reference to Basketball Player Allan Iverson

Post Malone met 1st and Rich from FkI and Rex Kudo who produced Post Malone’s several tracks including White Iverson. Post recorder this song two days after writing it. White Iverson is in part, reference to professional basketball player Allan Iverson in Feb 2015. After completion of the song, it was uploaded to Post’s SoundCloud account on 19th July 2015, White Iverson song went viral overnight and received 480 million views since it release.

: : Post has Tattoo of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on His Arm

Post Malone has tattoo of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy on his arm, he said that Kennedy was the only president to speak about crazy corruption stuff that’s going in now our government. He stated that neither Trump nor Clinton were fit for the president of U.S. & expressed his support of Bernie Sanders during elections

: : He Relieves Stress by Shooting Guns

Post Malone loves shooting guns and he relieves his stress by shooting guns, he owned number of guns including Asault Rifles, Shotgun, Pistols, Rifles, & 2 gold plated Glocks. He even sleep with a gun under his pillow and a rifle beside his bed in case there’s home intruders in the night.

: : Budwiser Gave him an Unlimited Beer Fridge

Budwiser gave him a Beer fridge that they keep stocked. When Budwiser found out that how much Post love drinking Beer especially Budwiser Light, so they sent him very own Budwiser Beer fridge and they keep restock it regularly for FREE.

Tech News:-

1. Facebook revealed, in 2017 there was total 17 billion videos chats done by users. The number is not small 17billion video chats means a lot to them.

2 .Facebook is testing on private comments feature, now you can share your comments with your friends only & nobody will see it on any public post.

3. Alibaba intends to open car vending machine in China by January 2018. While you are walking on street and if you like car from the vending machine, all you need to do is click a snap of car and post in Tasobao app and then schedule your test drive.
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Monday, 22 January 2018

January 22, 2018

Amazing facts about XXXTENTACION you didn't know || Dream Machine

Facts about 19 year old star XXXTENTACION

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy professionally known as XXXTENTACION or X born in 23rd January 1998. X is an American rapper, singer & songwriter from Lauderhill, Florida. X raised by his grandmother due to his mother’s financial situation and his dad wasn’t much around them, because he was locked up.

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: : Meaning of name XXXTENTACION

In an interview X said that XXXTENTACION means an “unknown temper”, where “X” is nothing but an unknown variable that we used to assume in mathematics “let X=…” like that and Tentacion means temper so he put together these two words. He used to jerk off a lot at his grandma’s house and from there the name XXXTENTACION came.

: : X stabbed a man when he was 6

When X was 6 years old he stabbed a man attempting to attack his mother and was eventually put in youth program before being forced to live with his grandma.

: : X worked at Electricity Solutions

When X was teenager he was looking for money and he joined at Electricity Solutions as an Electricity Salesmen from 9am to 5pm. Where he used to call corporate offices and asked them about their electricity status (surveys on call). And later he quite the job because of his growing music career.

: : Music Career

X started recording his music with blue snowball microphone with his friend Stokeley Celvon Goulbourne professionally known as Ski Mask TheSlump God. When X was 15 he used to listen to Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Money and Rock music.

: : Hairstyle and Eyebrows

X once said that if your physical appearance is as same as others then you’re stupid, and he was tired of being used. That’s why he got himself a new look, X was always an attention seeker from the beginning.
Also Spin has labeled him as “Rap’s” most controversial man and XXL labeled him as most “Controversial Freshman Ever”. 

: : Crime Scenes

When X was 6 years old he stabbed a man attempting to attack his mother and was eventually put into youth program before being forced to live with his grandmother.
He started music after being kicked out from school for attacking another student. In July 2016 X was arrested and charged with robbery and assault with deadly weapons.
After that incident X is under house arrest until 28th January 2018, for beating his girlfriend.

: : X became an Inspiration for up-coming Artists

X said that bad mixing on his tracks was made intentionally, because then only music looks genuine. And many of new artists were inspired by his music style like Lil Pump, Karami, Tripple Redd and Smokepurpp. X says he’s into multi-genre things that aren’t based on rapping itself & he’s more inspired by artists from another genre.

: :Tech News

1. Apple’s app developer makes his face invisible with iPhone X face ID. Japanese developer,
Kazuya Noshiro said that he is working on an app that camouflages users face with backdrop, making it technically invisible.

2. North Korea is the least Wi-Fi friendly county in the world. If any device is having Wi-Fi signals can result in detention and major fine. Worse if your North Korean.

3. Japanese researcher accidently developed a glass which can be repaired by simply pressing it or holding it if it breaks.

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

January 20, 2018

Why VEVO is the most popular company on YouTube and who owns VEVO ? || Dream Machine

You know when you watch a music video on YouTube and it usually has that VEVO logo in the corner, in fact when you watch official music videos on YouTube, almost 70% of them have VEVO logo in their videos. The top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube, 7 of them are associated with VEVO. So here, Dream Machine presents why VEVO is the most popular company on YouTube and who owns VEVO.

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: : Who owns VEVO

VEVO stands for Video Evolution. VEVO is owned by the record labels, it’s a joint venture there’s three big record labels that practically control the industry the first one is Sony BMG second is Universal Music Group and the third one is Warner Music Group.

Sony BMG and Universal Music Group joined forces in 2009 to form the joint venture called VEVO. Google and some other companies are part of it as well, but they have small amount of shares of VEVO. The majority of VEVO is owned by Sony BMG and Universal Music Group and as for the third record label Warner Music Group announced partnership with VEVO on 2nd August 2016. They have licensing partnership with them means their music videos are now part of it as well. 

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: : How much VEVO earns

As all videos on YouTube these music videos make money through advertisers of which YouTube gets a cut and VEVO gets the rest. VEVO share gets split into owners and the artist or whatever agreements were made.

VEVO’s advertising is fairly stable with average CPM (cost per thousand) rates of $25-$35, it generated nearly $300 Million in revenue in 2012 according to Wall street Journal report. VEVO earns from YouTube Adsense revenue, VEVO advertisements, Merchandise store, Amazon music and from iTunes.

VEVO has 26 separate channels with over 10 Million subscribers over all of it they have 250,000 videos that collectively get 25 Billion views per month. Rihanna, Katy Peryy, Eminem, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Justin Biber, Maroon 5 all have channels with over well 10 Million subscribers. 

: : How VEVO works

The record labels control the rights to the music videos. The labels came together to form this thing called VEVO, so we can say that VEVO was formed to bring all the music videos together. Today if you see an official music video, chances are VEVO has the rights to it and as I said before Google does have a smaller ownership in the company which is partially why all these videos are available on YouTube.

Besides YouTube VEVO has its own website ( they have categorized multiple genres and live performances. You can get updates like recommended videos, liked videos or watch by your mood, favorite artist, add something new and they have bunch of music related content to their website.

: : Why VEVO on YouTube

VEVO would prefer their website for viewers to watch music videos instead on YouTube. Obviously any YouTuber would prefer their own website instead of YouTube because they don’t need to share their ad revenue with anyone else like YouTube. But as y’all know everyone is already on YouTube and people can see your videos easily on YouTube and can get more attention than a website.

But for a company like VEVO the value YouTube provides is questionable. The only thing YouTube offers them is the exposure and VEVO isn’t exactly powerless in that arena either. VEVO has the ability to pull almost all the videos from YouTube and if they do it, then almost all of us will go to but they don’t want to this because they want it to be keep it easy as possible and they would love to gain more attention instead of some pennies. And VEVO website has the paid subscription method so as a viewer you would always prefer a free version which is nothing but YouTube.

: : Tech News

1. WhatsApp launches a separate app for small businesses to get connected with customers easily.

2. Apple and Samsung are both under investigation by the Italian government over planned 

3. A GIPHY GIF search engine is coming to Instagram stories.  Instagram looks to be forming partnership with GIPHY, as users have been spotting a gif library popping up in their stories. Even I use the gifs too much.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

January 17, 2018

How Does the Internet Works? Who OWNS the Internet | Optical Fiber Cables | Dream Machine

In today’s date we can live 3 hours without water, without food but we cannot live without Internet even for 30 min. But how you ever wonder how does the Internet works and who owns Internet, and how someone get high sped connection and someone get low speed connection and how these companies like Vodafone, AirTel, Jio provides Internet to us via Optical Fibercables, so you’ll get to know about the Internet in this article by Dream Machine.

: : Connections Via Cables

Whole world is connected to the Internet and most of the people think that, the Internet is provided to us via satellite or via network towers. But the thing that you don’t know is almost 99% of the Internet is works on Optic Fiber cables.

To provide the service of Internet door to door, Internet needs to go through these three steps of big companies which is TR1 Company. This is the company which sets the big cable lines (Optic Fiber cables) under the ocean to get connected to each and every country. There are a lot of TR1 companies in the world click here to see which are those.

: : How Optical Fiber Cable Works

The Optical Fiber cable also known for Submarine Communication cable, this cable contains number of small wires where each wire carries 100 GBPS bandwidth. These wires are covered into 8 layers of Polyethylene, Mylar tape, Copper etc.
 In India, TATACommunications is the TR1 company who spread the whole Optical Fiber cables from Mumbai to each county. Mumbai, Cochin, Trivendrum, Tuticorine, Puducherry, Chennai are those cities of India which are connected to whole world via these Optical Fiber cables. ClickHere to see how it is connected.

There are multiple backups for these wires, if any wire is damaged due to any reason then immediately backup wire takes place of the original wire. The internet is free for everyone, so these TR1 companies invest their money into these Optical Fiber cables and they provide the Internet to TR2 companies. AirTel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea these are the TR2 companies.

: : How does it works

Now as I said these TR1 companies just spread their Optical Fiber cables throughout the world and then it is divided into cities. In each country TR2 companies builds their own towers  in each and every city so that these cable network can distribute further.

Suppose each tower has 100 MBPS bandwidth, and in your area there has only one tower so number of people uses the same internet connection and because of that the internet which is given by the tower is again divided into number of customers, so this is why sometimes you get low speed.

: : How you get data that you search for

If you are searching for any foreign website like then obviously this website does not have any servers in India, so this request is filled through foreign server which will consume more time because as it does not have any server in India. The traffic will first go to your nearest landing point (Mumbai, Chennai) and then it’ll go through Optical Fiber cables and will connect directly to United Kingdom’s server.

If you search for then you’ll quickly get access to their sites because you don’t need to go through this process. Your traffic will internally travel through Indian servers and will give you the result as quick as possible.

If you open “cmd prompt” in windows pc then enter the command “tracert” give space and enter then enter the site name “” then it’ll give you multiple IP addresses. It’ll give you total path from where the data jumped and where it finally stopped. Copy that IP’s and paste it on any IP location finder and you’ll get to know from which city your result is showing.

: : Tech News

1. Bitcoin drops 50% from its peak value as it falls below $10,000.

2. New Xbox elite controller revealed. New controller supports USB-C for charging, Bluetooth supports for windows 10, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, longer key travel for paddles and three-profile switch.

3. Lego and Chinese tech giant Tencent have formed a partnership to develop licensed games, videos and other content for Chinese children.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

January 14, 2018

Insane Facts about Universe that will scare you || Dream Machine

If you thought you much know about the space, trust me that is just a gazillion to what goes on out there, for starters there are 100 Billion galaxies and that’s not even it. For every single grain of sand on a planet there are close to 10,000 stars in the universe.Here Dream Machine presents insane facts about Universe that will scare you. 

: : Rouge Planet want to play pinball with the earth

If you are scared of these comets and asteroids then what do you think about a stray planet which can hit the earth anytime. Researchers found that the planet named WISE 0855-0714 is the nearest planet to the earth (7 light years away). These types of planets don’t have their own light so we cannot see them easily.
 Scientists say that the number of rouge planets is almost equal to number of stars in our solar system. These planets don’t revolve around the sun in a particular orbit, they travel in any direction throughout the space.

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: : Meteors can strike without warning

On 9th January 2017, when we were busy doing our own work an asteroid named 2017 AG13 passed by the earth very closely, this asteroid was almost 25/30 meters long(almost a 10 floors building). In 2013 same size of asteroid was fall onto Russia because of that more than 1000 people were injured.

Researchers found that there are almost 857 asteroids are revolving around the earth and has length more than 1 kilometer. These asteroids can easily destroy the earth into small pieces, but thanks to the Jupiter because Jupiter has very high amount of gravitational force, with that force asteroids change their path and they don’t fall on earth.

: : A giant black hole roaming through space with (3 Million mph)

What you hear in the movies maybe true, a supermassive black hole a million times heavier than sun is hurtling through space at 3 million miles per hour. Black hole is type of astro void where everything can attracts towards it with its gravitational force, if anything goes inside black hole then it cannot escape through it even light also.

The black hole b31715+425 also known as naked black hole, it is 2 billion light years away from earth, researchers believe that this rouge black hole may have bumped into another galaxy and ripped it apart to pursue its own path.

: : The Dark World

The dark world refers to the exoplanet TRS 2B which eat light for breakfast despite being nothing close to black hole in celestial terms, the dark world absorbs light at such an insane rate that it appears to astronomers darker than a piece of coal. The near invisible spheroid was discovered through the wobble or gravitational pull its start, plus the invisibility of matter behind it. There are only few theories as to why TRS 2B wont reflect light some speculated that it could harbor a new kind of chemical which is unknown to human kind.

: : Milky way Galaxy is going to collide

Our galaxy Milky Way is going to collide with another galaxy Andromeda after 4 billion years. Scientist says that anyhow this collision will happen because Andromeda galaxy is coming towards Milky Way galaxy which is to scary. You can see the Andromeda galaxy with your naked eyes, but if you have telescope then you can see it very clearly. Researchers found that 8 billion years ago Andromeda galaxy was collide with another galaxy and then Andromeda became the largest galaxy.

After being collide with Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda will become much larger than before and because of this collision nothing will change totally. Because the distance between each starts of Milky Way and Andromeda is too much, so only two black holes will combine together and it’ll create a whole new massive black hole between these two galaxies.

: : Tech News:-

1. WhatsApp’s new upcoming feature in Android “ Dismiss as Admin”, where you can dismiss those annoying people who send inappropriate messages without removing them from the group.

2. Apple made a section of the App Store to highlight apps that offers free trial, but be sure to check if a subscription is annually, monthly or weekly.

3. Google detected and banned 60 games from Play Store after pornographic ads were found.

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