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Monday, 22 January 2018

Amazing facts about XXXTENTACION you didn't know || Dream Machine

Facts about 19 year old star XXXTENTACION

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy professionally known as XXXTENTACION or X born in 23rd January 1998. X is an American rapper, singer & songwriter from Lauderhill, Florida. X raised by his grandmother due to his mother’s financial situation and his dad wasn’t much around them, because he was locked up.

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: : Meaning of name XXXTENTACION

In an interview X said that XXXTENTACION means an “unknown temper”, where “X” is nothing but an unknown variable that we used to assume in mathematics “let X=…” like that and Tentacion means temper so he put together these two words. He used to jerk off a lot at his grandma’s house and from there the name XXXTENTACION came.

: : X stabbed a man when he was 6

When X was 6 years old he stabbed a man attempting to attack his mother and was eventually put in youth program before being forced to live with his grandma.

: : X worked at Electricity Solutions

When X was teenager he was looking for money and he joined at Electricity Solutions as an Electricity Salesmen from 9am to 5pm. Where he used to call corporate offices and asked them about their electricity status (surveys on call). And later he quite the job because of his growing music career.

: : Music Career

X started recording his music with blue snowball microphone with his friend Stokeley Celvon Goulbourne professionally known as Ski Mask TheSlump God. When X was 15 he used to listen to Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Money and Rock music.

: : Hairstyle and Eyebrows

X once said that if your physical appearance is as same as others then you’re stupid, and he was tired of being used. That’s why he got himself a new look, X was always an attention seeker from the beginning.
Also Spin has labeled him as “Rap’s” most controversial man and XXL labeled him as most “Controversial Freshman Ever”. 

: : Crime Scenes

When X was 6 years old he stabbed a man attempting to attack his mother and was eventually put into youth program before being forced to live with his grandmother.
He started music after being kicked out from school for attacking another student. In July 2016 X was arrested and charged with robbery and assault with deadly weapons.
After that incident X is under house arrest until 28th January 2018, for beating his girlfriend.

: : X became an Inspiration for up-coming Artists

X said that bad mixing on his tracks was made intentionally, because then only music looks genuine. And many of new artists were inspired by his music style like Lil Pump, Karami, Tripple Redd and Smokepurpp. X says he’s into multi-genre things that aren’t based on rapping itself & he’s more inspired by artists from another genre.

: :Tech News

1. Apple’s app developer makes his face invisible with iPhone X face ID. Japanese developer,
Kazuya Noshiro said that he is working on an app that camouflages users face with backdrop, making it technically invisible.

2. North Korea is the least Wi-Fi friendly county in the world. If any device is having Wi-Fi signals can result in detention and major fine. Worse if your North Korean.

3. Japanese researcher accidently developed a glass which can be repaired by simply pressing it or holding it if it breaks.

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