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Friday, 6 October 2017

Why BS4 engine has to lit headlights continuously? || Battery Problem || Dream Machine

: : Increasing Number of Accidents.

This feature was initially in superbikes, if you’ve noticed these bikes come at fast speed; for these bikes you can’t keep your finger always on pass-by button to overtake other vehicles. Because of this situation engineers decided to keep headlights on all the time.

The idea behind keeping headlights on throughout the day is, that we can spot two-wheelers easily on road so level of accident may decrease & others can see motorcycles from long distance. This feature is called AHO which stands for All time Headlights On.

: : DRL Headlights.

Many bike manufacturers installed DRL (Day-Time Running Lights) on their bikes, as you may have seen bikes like Bajaj Dominar 400, KTM RC 390/ Duke 390. All these bikes has a strip of light which is quiet brighter than headlights. We cannot turn off this DRL’s  it remains on even after the headlights are off. So we can see motorcycles clearly in traffic.

: : What Happens to Batteries.

Because of these AHO & DRL’s batteries get strain little more. Most models of scooters & motorcycles have upgraded batteries, so don’t worry about batteries nothing is gonna happen to your bike. Don’t turn off these lights using other (External) switches at least for your safety.

: : Tech News

1. Chilli has launched their fidget-spinner phone, yes you heard right the device which is fidget spinner as well as a mobile phone. It is dual sim phone with Bluetooth  & Internet connectivity.

2. Flipkart is going to enter in the appliances market where flipkart is launching their new private label brand named MarQ. This MarQ brand will provide you AC’s, Washing  machine, TV’s etc.

3. Researchers scanned human brain in detail and they found, our brain has a dumping ground or a place where we store/throw unwanted information. Our brain is too mysterious part of our body & scientists are still doing research on brain and they get new outcome everytime.

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