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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Have You Ever Wonder Why Aeroplanes are Colored in White?? || Dream Machine

Aeroplanes only in white color?

: : Thermal Advantages.

White color on planes has many advantages, white color maintains the temperature of the plane. As you know white color is  used to wear by cricketers , they play continuously 4/5 days so white color does not absorbs sunlight like other colors.

: : Paints are too expensive.

If we apply other colors then plane company may have to spend more money on AC’s to keep temperature in control. And company need to pay more money cause paints are too expensive and planes are not a small things.

: : Detection of Cracks, Dents.

Because of white color we can easily find cracks, dents & any other surface damages on planes. You can even find the oil leakages on the surface, when it comes condition of night then from anywhere you can see white plane easily. 

: : Decreases planes value

There is another disadvantage of using other color, the weight of the plane may slightly increase because of multiple coatings of paint. And because of these colors the resale price of the plane may decrease at higher level. White color doesn’t fade away, so you don’t need to pain again and again.

: : Tech News:-

1. GoPro has launched a free falling camera robot for skydivers. It acts like a camera-man it automatically focuses on the person who is skydiving it has parachute inside the box so it lands carefully & takes videos clear and good. Now you don’t need to pay more money for camera-man & they don’t have to carry heavy cameras from now.

2.  Edible Sensors for food, here with the help of this device you can check the temperature, quality, healthy etc. It is made with corn, potato, magnesium (which human can digest). It is a wireless device, even if you eat this by mistake then there is no problem at all. Have you ever wonder guys how technology is making their way in our day to day life.

3. Facebook is planning for face detection technology, whenever you log-in to your account, all you need to do is just keep your face in front of your phone or webcam & Facebook will automatically logged you in.

 4. With the help of smartphone now you can test HIV & other viruses within 10sec, all you need to do is just take a drop of blood and hold it for 10sec & it’ll show you real time results.

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