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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Inventions That Changed The World || Dream Machine

: : Roller Coaster (1865)

The precursors of the roller coasters first appeared in Russia in the fifteenth century, in the form of ice slides. The first modern coaster opened in Paris in 1817, but it took 60 years to build. After that La Marcus Adna Thompson filed his first patent for roller coaster in 1865 in USA. He charged 5 cents per ride & he was soon grossing over $600 a day.

: : Hair Dryer (1890)

Hair salons were exclusively for rich women of the 1890s, and it was in that decade that French hairdresser Alexandre Godefroy introduced the first blow-drying hair dryers to put in his salon. His makeshift dryer was simply a bonnet attached to a flexible chimney stuck onto gas stove.

: : VR Headsets (1968)

Ivan Sutherland, an American engineer was one of the first to explore the potential of computers to enable people to have experiences that are unavailable in real life. The initial invention was so heavy that it had to be suspended from the ceiling, and so intimidating that others nicknamed it the Sword of Damocles.

: : Lie Detector (1921)

John Augustus Larson, a medical student at the University of California, invented the polygraph in 1921. He introduced one of the most contentious tools ever brought to the police officer’s locker. Larson’s lie detector worked continuously and simultaneously monitoring physical responses such as changes to blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration.

: : Rebreather (1878)

Scuba diving usually involves filling a tank with air, strapping it to your back and breathing from it underwater. In 1878, Henry Fleuss built a diving system that allowed the user to breathe the same air over and over again. Using a rubber mask, breathing bag, a copper tank, and a bit of string, he constructed the first scuba rebreather.

: : Glinder (1804)

Born into a wealthy family in Yorkshire, northern England, George Cayley was a prolific inventor with an interest in human flight. He deviced a heavier-than-air flying machine, with a wing to provide lift, a fuselage in which pilot can sit, and a cruciform tail for balance and control.

: : Tech News:-         

1. Facebook added feature in messenger, now you can send money to your friends using PayPal in Facebook messenger.

2. LG and Qualcomm working on concept of self-driving cars.

3. Google reveals it’s new feature, where you can try the app without installing it. Google was working on this concept for more 5/6 years.

4. a website where you get for revealing your privacy. You can do these types of tasks and you’ll get money for that. Posting selfies, growing beard, watching videos, share contect etc.

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