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Monday, 9 October 2017

How Lightning and Thunder produced in sky? & How to Be Safe at That Moment. || Dream Machine

: : How Cloud Forms.

As you have learnt in your schools, the formation of cloud is a basic step. First of all water get converted into vapours because heat of the sun. These vapour is light in weight so it starts going upwards after that the vapours gets turn into small ice particles due to there is less temperature in the sky as compare to ground and it converts into bright white clouds.

: : How Light Forms In Clouds.

As you know how cloud forms, there has partitions in clouds for electric charges the small positive (+ve) charged ice crystals are placed in upper side of the cloud & large negative (-ve) charged ice crystals are placed in the bottom of the cloud. As you know  -ve & +ve charges attracts to each other, so because of that collision light get formed. Even our earth surface has charges, the upper most surface of ground has +ve charged particles & as I’ve told you -ve particles of clouds placed in the bottom. So these particles get attract to each other and again form a light which we can see clearly. Most of the percent lightning occurs only in clouds.

: : How Thunder Form.

The charges present in clouds get attracted to each other. And after a big collision the heat get produced and because of that energy the air which is present around there get quickly pushed to opposite direction & that air makes a loud sound that we hear when thunder occurs. This is how thunder & lightening works.

: : How to be safe in this situation.
  •  First of all there is no connection between Talking on phone when it’s raining, this statement does not make any sense, so don’t worry about it you may talk on phone while it’s raining.
  • If you are outside the home & it is raining then you should be inside your car, Cause your car is made of metal/iron and tires are made of rubber so current will not pass to the ground. Your car may survive through this lightening and you can save your & other’s lives as well.

  • But what if you don’t have car when you are outside, then crouch down on your feet & keep your legs together and cover your ears with hands (Current will pass quickly through your legs & because you are sitting the current will not go to your upper body), and if you are with the group then maintain at least 20 feet of distance from each other.

  • If you are inside your home then do not use Landline(cause it has wired connection), try not to take shower or wash hands in basin cause those electric charge may pass via plumbing. This electric charge may remain Indoor for 30 min after the lightening.

: : Tech News:-

1. A Bandage is invented to keep track of your health & wounds. Doctors are going to use this bandages from next year onwards. This bandage can tell you when you have to take medicines, what is your health condition & it’ll send the data to Doctors. It is a wireless nanotechnology bandage which you can also connect to your smartphone.

2. Google has launched a device named Google Home, with the help of this device you can find your phone inside your home, all you need to do is just give instruction. It Is a Wi-Fi speaker, you can ask any kind of question & it’ll answer you in a bit.

3.Smart Tattoo, It is a tech tattoo where you can see the change in color of tattoo. This tattoo changes its color according to your health, i.e. if your body has low oxygen level or it is dehydrated then the color will change.

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