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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Facts you should know about Death Note || Dream Machine

It is an anime series which is based on manga.

: : Author of Death Note

Tsugumi Ohba, the writer and editor of DeathNote. He’s the famous author in Japan, but the main thing about this author is, nobody knows who is he, where he came from of his name Ohba is just a pen name. He is an anonymous guy he’s personal details are totally secret.

Takeshi Obata, another writer of Death Note series. He won the prestigious Tezuka award in 1985 & he was just 16 years old at that time.

: : Light Yagami

The last name Yagami was the suggestion of Obha. Yagami is made up of Kanji characters per Night & God and Light stands for moon. Light’s birth date is 28th Feb 1986, the official KIRA day. L’s birth date is 31st Oct 1979 that’s Halloween day.

: : Shinigami Eyes (Lifespan calculation)

The lifespan of any human which can be seen by only Shinigami eyes. This lifespan was totally calculated by Obha’s formula. In an interview he said that “I made a complicated math lifespan formula that only I would understand. I created age of Light with the help of formula & after Light’s age I forgot how to find age so I chose random numbers for other characters”. Here is fanmade formula to calculate lifespan.

: : Problems because of Death Note

In May 2008, a middle school student was expelled & three others suspended for having their own Death Note with 15 names in it, the famous names was George W Bush & Justin Bieber.

In Sep 2009 an 8 year old Australian boy wrote the battle plan detailing places inside his school where bombs could be placed.

: : Reunion of writers

After working together for Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata released their another manga based anime series named Bakuman2.

: : Tech News:

1. Samsung gave 200 Galaxy Note 8 phones for free in a domestic flight which was travelling in Spain.

2. TATA company is testing All Electric Bus in Asam state, this bus can carry 34 passengers with top speed of 80KMPH & the transmission is totally automatic.

3. Indians are on the top of the list for giving forward direction to app market. Indians use more number of applications to their phones & they are giving successful growth graph to lot of app developers.

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