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Monday, 18 September 2017

Why YouTube was started and Which video was uploaded first? || Dream Machine

Do You Know Why YouTube Was Started & Which Video Was First On YouTube???

1. The reason behind starting YouTube was quite weird the founder of    YouTube wanted to share a video with his few friends, but there was no  any platform like Facebook & Whatsapp. The video was about wardrobe  malfunction of Janet Jackson she was at “Super Bowl” named event.

2.The creators of YouTube found our idea of sharing Janet’s video is not  so good. So they turned YouTube into a dating site ”Hot or Not” where  strangers can meet & choose their partners.

3.The first video on YouTube was uploaded by Jawed Karim who was  co-founder of YouTube the title of video was “Me at the zoo” uploaded  on April 23rd 2005.

4. On October 9th 2006, the YouTube sold his company to Google for  US$1.65 Billion in stock.

5. April 1st 2008 was the date where YouTube wanted to April fool  everyone, so at that date as a prank YouTube played “Never Gonna Give  You Up” video song in whole world. Every video was replaced with this  video for whole day.

#Tech News of the day :-

1. Sony and IBM company made a 330TB of memory storage tape. It is as thin as paper.

2. Apple is investing money for future cars. We can see Apple’s smart vehicles running on road in few years.

3. More than 1 Billion peoples use Whatsapp daily. And 1.2 Billion people uses Facebook daily. It is a big milestone for Mark Zuckerberg.

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